Can Dan Shak Figure Out Alex Foxen’s Big Bluff?!

Dan Shak is confronted with a big bet on the river at the 2024 PokerGO Cup made by none besides Alex Foxen!

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Can Dan Shak Figure Out Alex Foxen's Big Bluff?!

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  1. Lol that’s what happens when Foxxen tries to be better than better players

    1. Shak is an amateur with money who plays in high money cash games, normally. Surprised to see him doing well in a tournament format

    2. @@michaelbaucom4019 Amateur cash gamer who has 13 mill in tournament winnings?

    3. @@michaelbaucom4019this is completely wrong he play literally every single tournament that he can do .

  2. A good bluff but shak is too fishy to think deeply. He just call cuz he was committed

    1. Give the guy some credit he’s been playing the highest stakes for well over a decade

    2. He called for all the right reasons and said them out loud for guys like you who don’t understand.

    3. Dan shak been playing at the top of the game for years stfu little boy

  3. Dan Shak is just a calling station – seen enough of his crying calls over the years.

  4. He put him on a flush draw until it hit. Then he was like alright I have a pair I am not folding pairs to this guy.

    1. Foxen is defending single raise pot from big blind. He could easily have T8 or KT for the straight and also a ton of flush possibilities.

    2. KT and T8 shouldn’t be calling the flop except random rare floats.@@brianvarney8018

  5. Foxen needed to go all in for this bluff to work. Leaving a player behind with chips gives them incentive to call

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