Bryce Hall Finds Pocket Aces!

Bryce Hall flopped top set against Keenan Allen at the Star Poker Tour Invitational! @celebritypokertour

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Bryce Hall Finds Pocket Aces!

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  1. A choreography of narrative pacing that flows like a captivating dance.💚

  2. Am I missing somthing here how does 3 3’s beat 3 aces ??😮

    1. Probably waiting for a full house 33322, which would beat trip As

    2. ​@maketheconstitutiongreatag5038 it wouldn’t though. Bro had him crushed already. AAA33 beats 33322 all day…

    3. Allen lost. Bryce had a full house As over 3s. All Allen had was trip 3s

  3. I only have 19 on my cashapp. I’ll get them pizza🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Jeez like every single poker short I’ve seen lately has Bryce hall in it lol I thought he was a fighter

    1. Snap call, villain will often shove here with 72 or 62 no hearts, and we have him drawing to 3 outs.

    2. because he has absolutleyyyyy no idea what he is doing and got stacks of cash to have fun with lol… thats the real answer!

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