BREAKING RECORDS at the WSOP! – Daniel Negreanu 2023 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 38

Will this be the largest Main Event ever? As we get ready for Day 2 of the Main Event we jump in the Online $400 Turbo while watching Rocky III and IV.

0:00 Intro
0:50 Breaking Records
2:00 Day 1 Recap
3:00 Oops Hand?
6:45 Analysis
8:00 Oops
9:40 $400 Online
11:00 Pizza
13:45 Excellent Area
14:45 Interesting Area
16:20 All In
17:20 Amanda time
18:30 Unfortunate Pets
20:30 Tally

I'm back with another year of your favorite Vlogs, coming at you each and every day from Las Vegas for the entire . Videos will be uploaded around 9:15 am PT. Hand Breakdowns, All Ins, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, the bad beats, the deep runs, and ideally another bracelet, or 2!

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BREAKING RECORDS at the WSOP! – Daniel 2023 WSOP Day 38

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  1. Hi Daniel. I have been watching you play poker since I was 16 and ever since then, you have been my favorite poker player to watch and learn from. I am saving up to come and play at the WSOP for my first time, next year when I turn 30 years old and I hope I get to chance to meet you, briefly, NOT on your 15 minute break though haha. Keep up the good work and good luck in the main event! – Big supporter all the way from South Africa!

    1. He is an amazing person on and off the table! Loves to crack a joke or two as well.

  2. Cmon Daniel get some run good and we are all cheering for one of the best ever

  3. I absolutely love, how you can’t really hear the Canadian accent in Daniel’s voice very often, but when he’s playing with his dogs, he sounds almost exactly like my grandfather!

    1. @@samuelmehzenta390 Lol! Scotch-Irish immigrated to Nova Scotia. Myself I live in states now so I’m used to hearing faded accents I guess.

  4. I really enjoy watching you play and then breaking it down later like you did on the super high roller bowl. PT for Rocky…how cute. Good luck Daniel.🍀😊

  5. GL for day two, Daniel. And no, that cute little face does not look sad! lol

  6. As many deliveries you get .. you should have some kind of stand or table out front .. #ProTip👍😉👍

  7. Daniel thank you for sharing your world w us. You have a beautiful life because of all the goodness you put into the world! Hope Amanda is feeling better.

  8. LFG Daniel! I have your exact stack coming back for day two too- 25,900. LEt’s grind it up!

  9. it was a blessing to see you in person the other day! truly an honor. Clint Hawk is only a rail bird for now, i can only hope to meet you on the felt one day! although that’s sort of a be careful what you wish for experience possibly 😅😅 what an experience! this is my first time in Vegas.

  10. My favorite line in Rocky 3 is during the fight between Rocky and Thunder Lips (Hulk Hogan): Rocky asks Mickey “how much do you think he eats?” Mickey replies “about 202 pounds” and it cuts to the ring announcer introducing Rocky at “weighing at 202 pounds!”

    I love the vlogs DNegs, keep up the great work!

  11. 32 bigs is a good grinding stack. Make it happen, Daniel! May the wind forever be at your back!

  12. Those online bad beats bring me back to the Party Poker days hah. I can hear Tuff Fish in my head LOL

  13. u relax at home love this great to watch u r my favorite player good luck

  14. Hey Mr. Negreanu! Just wanted to say THANKS for the education and experience you have shared with us and to tell you the thing that should be your catch phrase because it boils down to what you teach if you catch all thats left that you have to add on your own and that would be “NEVER ALWAYS”!! You are the goat in my world with NO disrespect to stats and everyones eles opinion as great as they are! Thanks again and the ultimate variable from DNEGS NEVER ALWAYS!!! Hope the poker gods let your hands hold and runs be mighty and deep!!!! Love ya, mean it!!

  15. Hi Daniel. I remember reading in a book or 2!! Sometimes you have to make a ‘FEEL BET’ – 8:29 min…. jus to add to the oppps meter.. 😃

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