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  1. Hahahah😂. This is great 👍🏻 Ultimate Intro
    Keating…… LETS GOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. Ryan, Nick he absolutely deserves 1% or whatever he wants he worth every penny. So good for your games and hustlers numbers are huge with him. Glad you all made up

    1. @Ryan Hughes alan was pretty annoyed at ryan. said he would never play an hcl stream ever again

    2. it’s all up to stanley tang. If he says x percent should go to keating they’ll do it.

  3. Too funny! Can’t wait for the game, should be entertaining! 😁👍😎🗽✌

  4. Alan will make someone win a lot of money and a lot of someones lose a lot of money. Amazing addition

    1. @Mr. Personal-ity no no no he is just not invited. please stop spreading misinformation. but he definitely is not banned just banned

  5. Alan Keating is THE superstar in high stakes games. Having this game without him didn’t even feel right

    I’m way more pumped now

    Let’s go Keating!!!!!

  6. I was quite puzzled when they first announced the players participating in this game, why Keating wasn’t even one of them. This game is tailor made for a player like him. Glad he is one now!

  7. So happy to see both sides worked out their differences. Alan is a true gentleman and a super fan favorite. Hopefully in the near future you can get G-Man back into the mix. 👍♥️♠️♦️♣️

  8. Didnt even know there was drama. Keating definitely needs to be in this game. HCL came to their senses….

  9. Hell yeah! So happy this man is in this game and give him all the credit for elevating HCL to the next level and having this idea of the million dollar cash game! He is an absolute legend!!

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