BOMBS AWAY with 7-2 at My Meet Up Game | Poker Vlog #437

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BOMBS AWAY with 7-2 at My Meet Up Game | #437

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  1. The day just getting better! Bringing the 🔥! Love it! What’s up my dude!

  2. Lol, When I saw the KQspades hand, I knew how it would end… 🤣 😂 😅 😆

  3. 7:20 if you are gonna bet representing a flush i think you gotta overbet there, 2/3 is just a gift for any A not putting him on any though spot..

  4. Hi Ethan, hope you’re well and doing great. Great meet up game. Hope you had some fun. Take care. Peace🌹

  5. Hi Rampage, are the tournament vlogs coming up? I really enjoy those! Keep up the great work. <3

  6. Never seen Antonio do any of that cool magic in the poker room. That guy is the real Magician

  7. Great tandem vlog releases…. “Tandem Tuesday” Rampage/Mariano. 👍🏼 Really enjoy your content Ethan!

  8. Awesome MUG!! Question do you mis call cards while editing, just to see if the viewers are paying attention?

  9. Rampage, Mariano, and RDP make the vlogs interesting. Need a game with you three on the same table. See if Mariano can catch all the punts.

  10. You already know when rampage reads the board cards and says “oh boy” its gonna be spicy 🔥

  11. 72 have nice blockers to deuces and sevens as well as A2 so its worthy to play it sometimes

  12. Hi Ethan was just wondering if you’ve announced the winners to the luck box prizes yet

  13. I was the one who caught that 7-2 punt. It was a pleasure meeting you & Mariano. Also a blast having Wolfgang at our table (& showing a big bluff against him) 😀

  14. I don’t feel bad for a player getting felted when he 3-bets and then calls a 4-bet with 109 off suit! 🥸

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