Bluffing Into A Full House! | 2024 PokerGO Cup

2020 WSOP Online Main Event Champ Stoyan Madanzhiev pulled a relocation against Cary Katz!

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Bluffing Into A Full House! | 2024 PokerGO Cup

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    1. He’s only losing to pocket 6s or 5s definitely has to raise on the river no question

    2. ​@@forrestmaccready6023it’s not a “must raise.” The problem with raising here is flushes prob fold and then if your opponent 4bet you’re beat. You’re only winning here if your opponent calls and that scenario rarely happens in this situation.

    3. ​@@HoangTruong-vk7ekno way, the amount of combos beating you are even fold pre (of course not pocket pairs), and raising the river after Katz bet for value is not saying “I have a bigger boat” he’s telling the history of the flush, putting pressure in what he assumes might be an overpair (77, 88, 99), so, he raising the river in this spot is like 95% of the time either a flush or a bluff.

    4. @@jhony4474 yes but that’s not the issue here. When you 3bet the river FOR VALUE you need to understand what worse calls. Nutflushes sure but lower flushes fold. And then bluffs obviously fold. So if you are raising for value, what hands call? You’re only considering what hands the other guy is raising with but you are not thinking about why we r reraising his raise.

  1. as if 4bet jamming as a bluff is easy to do on the coordinated board on river

  2. Katz …. Isn’t a player … he only has the nuts or flukes a river card career

  3. The amount of people in the comments not realizing the bluffer is Madanzhiev and think the title refers to Katz is astonishing. I’m realizing how poker can be so profitable with so many people of low intelligence.

  4. Chino, when was the last you saw a 3bet on the river and the guy was bluffing? And you weren’t in the hand😂

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