Bluff of the Year? Poker Player Goes Crazy with Ace-High!

and fight at the $25,000 High-stakes gambler last table when Winter season decided to go definitely crazy with just ace-high! Was this the of the year or should have gone ?

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of the Year? Player Goes Crazy with Ace-High!

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  1. While this is a great bluff, for me this is more Imsirovic playing the Queens badly than anything else that leaves Winters the opportunity to play it well and take it down

    1. @kelvin tang Ali was playing to trap and couldn’t pull the trigger when the K showed up on the turn. Notice how he said, “he does” on the river. He was expecting a river shove, but was hoping for a slow down which he didn’t get. He was thinking Winter might slow down on the river after his turn call. But, because he is holding the Q of diamond, he couldn’t pull the trigger to make the call. another way to play the hand is to play it aggressive pre flop, and on the flop, but that means he will win minimum.

    2. @kelvin tang Exactly. They forgot that Ali’s range also includes Hands with a King! Duh.

    3. @Eloy I. Balderas doesn’t matter if Ali had kings in his range as played and winter pulls trigger.. he himself knows that he has queens and is smashed by ace king and aces alot ..let alone kk ….queens are not a call here..he only called the previous street because price to see if winter wpuld give up or not ..but once he goes three streets and jams Ali is beat 95 percent of time as played..and he sorta showed his hand face up ….u could almost call his hand out as qq

    4. Pot odds are an excuse to play badly is all ..u can’t call qq there if your gd player at all without crazy read..and its very very rare a spot pike that gets bluffed.. a fish calls the ALL in and gets showed the nuts alot ..but gd player has to fold there truly without huge read and tell

    5. Played it just like aa or pocket kk wpuld ..even pocket Jack’s..small bet on flop is like checking a huge hand to trap your opponent

  2. Wow, what an incredible hand between two incredible players. That was a blast. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I don’t understand why he calls on the turn with K on the board if he already knows that Shindler would have moved all in on the river.

  4. I’ll accept the bluff. It seems like Ali, one of my favorite players, didn’t play like he normally does after this hand, especially towards the end. The other baffling thing is that he put 1.8+ mil into the pot when he called the K turn, then folds and leaves 1.2 mil behind. I thought he was planning to snap any bet that was non ace. Ali had me very confused there. He knows if he calls the turn that he might face a river jam, so I thought he was prepared. I’m saying this with the utmost respect for Ali. No disrespect if you see this, Ali. All love, man!!!!

    1. Yes he had a plan when calling the turn, but it was to snap fold. Which is totally fine. The K is the exact perfect card for all this to happen

    2. @Jonathan Brazeau  So his plan was to call fold?? That makes perfect sense. Ali called, hoping Winter would check back?? I honestly don’t think that was his plan given ICM considerations. He knew if he called what he was probably facing, which is a river jam. This isn’t his first tournament 😳 🤔

  5. ONLY a great player get’s bluffed there. I would not reach that 3 handed final table and would not lose that QQ hand.

  6. Only works against players with at least half of a brain so will almost never work on pokerstars.

  7. The comment sections are always full of “pros” when a hand like that happen 😂

    1. I doubt any player in this comment section plays past 5/10 no limit. Yet they call imsirovic, an amazing player, a dumbass for laying it down. This is why i hate “insane bluff” videos.

  8. ICM implications with Sean and Ali having near identical stacks at the start of the hand, while Jake is much shorter, should tighten ranges a bit. That mixed with Ali holding the Qd, makes this fold seem not too egregious by any means. Interesting line by Sean. I doubt that it’s optimal long term, but I don’t really think anything Ali does here is that bad. He basically has the worst hand he can have here on the river, other than maybe some Ax flush draws, though, again for ICM reasons, many of those are more inclined to fold/flat pre than 4bet.

  9. There is no way I’m folding Queens at any stage of this hand. If you got AK or AA 3 handed when I got Queens so be it.

  10. Imsirovic invited this disaster by allowing Winter to continue to draw for the minimum. He got greedy trying for maximum value. He had to be 99% sure he had the best hand on the flop and jammed, ending it right there or forcing Winter to go for a ridiculous draw. Terrible play for a top pro.

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