Bizarre Kings vs Aces Hand! Phil Hellmuth vs Jeff Gross!

Phil Hellmuth and Jeff Gross squared off in the Drink Nutcase poker stream hosted by Ninja inside the PokerGO Studio!

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Bizarre Kings vs Aces Hand! Phil Hellmuth vs Jeff Gross!

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    1. he’s a streamer… they literally make a living by being noisy. This crappy generation

    2. to be fair it’s his game mate, his name’s on the table and everything. Hellmuth said he was cool with all the talking including during hands

    3. The irony of wanting a person on the table that includes Phil Hellmuth but is NOT Phil Hellmuth, to shut up.😂

  1. Less then .6 SPR on the river and Phil doesn’t manage to get it all. Way to go

    1. It’s not the stone nutter butters thou….. u internet geeks need to relax

    2. @@ralphkotwica6184 what 10 does that guy show up with there in a 4b pot?

    3. @@goingbackrs7054 not everyone plays by the computer……I love how everyone is conditioned to play “the same way” easy to put those guys in the blender and they usually always pay

    4. @@MG-po6jc u kids must crush live poker …. Oh wait u don’t have anything to scape all the data for u….. remember kids, no human can emulate a computer

  2. No reason to go that far with the Kings. He was beating nothing in that spot except for overplayed queens or a less likely overplayed AKs.

    1. @@goingbackrs7054 That phil would 4 bet with preflop. The number of possible hands Phil has here is not 250, it’s more like 3-4

  3. “I knew it had to be kings of queens”

    You have half a pot sized bet left. If you knew it was KK or QQ and didn’t jam, that’s awful.

    1. Kinda true, altough his was a friendly (marketing) game. Just have some fun and play some poker, there’s no need to bust everyone off. Everybody had a very enjoyable night overall

  4. That’s why I refuse to sit at a table with an NIT poker player, better put that money on a tournament more fun and less stressful

  5. Exactly so applying your logic he was winning the hand, we would all play the same hand except probably of gone All in well before so on the whole he done well 😊

  6. Hellmuth gets to play in this berry patch he knows what he’s doing

    1. He’s American~u think he’s just guna sit there n it was actually hellmuths left 😂

  7. Phil almost doubled up so he can be happy with that. That’s great value. If he goes crazy before the flop then the other guy might even fold.

  8. I don’t mind folding KK on turn against Phil 4 bet range. Like seriously, he’s a farkin nit

  9. Hellmuth always ends up looking like a chump on these play money streamer promo games. This whole stream was tough to watch.

  10. Hellmuth never has queens in this spot. He is way too passive pre to 4 bet anything other than AA, even KK he flats a lot of 3 bets pre. I think vs exactly hellmuth, the way this plays you can fold turn a lot, and always fold river

  11. Where’s the rest of the pot Phil?? You said they were gonna give you the money……

  12. Jeff Gross is a gangster. He has a bad feeling about the hand. I honestly think he folds QQ there.

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