Binking SETS And Stacking PILES! MGM Grand $2500 Day 1 | Poker Vlog #462

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Binking SETS And Stacking PILES! MGM Grand $2500 Day 1 | #462

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  1. I love when video starts wiht: “open a little wider here cause I think it´s beneficial for me to play more hands on this specific table in tournament.. ” to justify a open from +1 with 75s… hahahahahaha

  2. For the ten hand, you got full house at flop. There are three 2! No sweat at all! You don’t need to worry about the flush draw😂😂😂

    1. Flopped the literal nuts.. well unless you were against pocket two’s but pretty much 99.9% chance he has the ultra nuts lmaooo

  3. @13:36 it’s not actually a sweat for diamond draw, you flopped a full house 😅😂

  4. Three sets in a row, right on the flop, and you get paid handsomely every time. What a life indeed!

  5. Glad to see you running good finally, the last few have been hard to watch.

  6. I was just gonna comment on the pocket tens hand LOL I think I have had that happen where just don’t notice something right away. I almost snuck away with a pot yesterday because I flopped top set and got rivered for the flush but no one noticed until the dealer looked at the cards after about 30 seconds lol it was brutal. I had pocket aces got it all in with someone with pocket eights flopped set over set and he rivered the flush

  7. You should register and separate your performances between filming (potentially being on the vlog) and with filming. Separate the diferent games, the diferent max buy ins, etc. Even your seat. To see if there’s any patterns. Any features/predictors of your game. Any bias towards any external factor. Numbers of hands played/not played. Percentage of calling/fold/raise.

  8. I love your exploitative play style. You lose small pots and then smash huge ones when people call light.

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