Billionaire Entrepreneur Stanley Tang Runs Massive Bluff vs Tom Dwan!

Tom and DoorDash creator clash in a massive pot on the most recent season but will the tech billionaire win this one versus one the very best gamers of all time?

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Billionaire Entrepreneur Runs Massive Bluff vs Tom !

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    1. @Corey Huggins a station capable of folding trip no kicker on the flop and being right, right?

    1. Dwan took a look at him right before he was about to muck, and changed his mind last second. Must have seen a tell or something

    1. Calling station? lol he can read people, they call him Legend for reason.

  1. Man this is such a great table of guys and love seeing Dwan highlights in 2022, pretty crazy

  2. Dnegs new he was bluffing you can tell by the way he was watching him. So dwan new aswell. He was just playing to the cameras before calling.

  3. It was a pretty poor bluff with that flop and turn. Especially when he hesitated to bet at the beginning then changed his mind. D is too seasoned for that type of trick.

  4. If he ever sat down at my table,
    I would say, “Nice to meet you, but I gotta go.” LOL

  5. Tang wanted to try bluffing with the doyle Brunson hand while he was there…๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. I can imagine itโ€™s a lot more easier to bluff when you are a billionaire

  7. โ€œIf you canโ€™t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table then you are the sucker.โ€

  8. I dont no much but gee Tom what you think was gonna happen next after the 3rd card dropped…. 4th 5th TIME TO REALLY DECIDE…. BOUND TO HAPPEN

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