Biggest High Stakes Cash Game Pots of 2023!

Andrew Robl, Eric Persson, Jean-Robert Bellande, Rick Salomon, Rob Yong, Markus Gonsalves, and Patrik Antonius headline the most significant cash video game hands on PokerGO of 2023.

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Biggest Cash Game Pots of 2023!

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  1. Phrases that I do not hear in my poker games: “Give me a million, please.” 😳 16:03

    1. You know he still has more than your net worth in his stack after losing a mill 😂😂😂

    1. Lol Solomon is str8 up sicko. U could tell he was envious of the beat that was put on him. We all know it’s Rick who usually has the A2 in that spot lol

  2. I think its impossible for the announcers to NOT acknowledge a backdoor draw.

    1. ​@@brandonwells5663I try not to anymore… The announcers are horrible… They see the hole cards are know exactly what they’d do in that situation… and justify it as a correct move because of a random ‘blocker’

    2. ​@@brandonwells5663​@brandonwells5663 yes! Guys who knew enough about poker that they didn’t try to impress the audience how much they know every 10 mins

  3. The way Rob Yong plays poker is the reason PartyPoker looks still like its from the 1980s of graphics

    1. Does he have stakes in party poker? I was wondering where he gets his bankroll….I know he owns dusk till dawn but owning a successful cardroom won’t bankroll you enough to sit down and play million dollar pots surely?!!!

    2. Rob Y is a superb hand reader. One of the best. You have no idea what you’re talking about micro fish 😂

    1. If you havent seen it look up the PLO hand between him and Antonious….its unreal

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