Biggest Cash Poker Hands on High Stakes Poker Season 9!

, , Jennifer Tilly, , and headline the most significant pots of Season 9 on! View these highlights now and catch all episodes specifically on

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    1. @I’m bill gates yep who would thought a poker video would generate so many poker opinions.. Crazy world we live in uh?

    2. Perfect play by Kenney , bad river . The guy burning money on turn with 4% .

    3. @Matt Brown I never said ANYTHING about the OP comment, so wtf are you talking about.

  1. If Persson was in the Star Wars prequels he would be like “I’m a person…. and my name is Persson.”

  2. Love seeing Bryan K get stacked even more after all that cheating allegations came out

    1. I love calling someone a cheater, not even knowing his name. You seem like you did a lot of research…

  3. Toms got the face of I’ve flown to Asia more times than anyone and the jet lag is permanent

  4. I love how Tilly put 200k into a 10k pot with 1 pair. One of the worst played hands ever.

    1. Give her a break Phil. At least she didn’t stand up, throw a fit and threaten to never play in this event ever again after the cards were turned over

    2. Accelerated Mammary gland development is a evolutionary survival mechanisim for intellectually disabled females. 🙂

    1. I really don’t understand why does he still play poker, I know everybody gets a bad beat but his luck is unbelievably horrible I wonder what keeps him motivated to keep playing

  5. Punting is slang for “giving it away” punting the ball to the other team basically.
    Making the wrong move when you were ahead usually

    1. @ZEN Holistic Fitness not at all how the term punting is taken when you use it in the context that punting is used in. That’s why it’s called punting. Normally a football team punts on 4th down. But the term punting as in making a mistake is strictly in reference to a coach making the mistake of punting on 2nd or 3rd down accidentally. It’s originally a term used competitive card games like magic the gathering. Which alot of magic players graduated into poker.

      Thanks for coming to my ted talk

    2. @Drew Perri Yeah but that football my man, in poker the term punting is used differently. Its usually when you are doing something really stupid the whole way and just give away your stack as a donation.

  6. So glad Gabe has grown so much relaxed and is now cool with AJ Benza. Both probably got very large salaries for the show. And it’s going to run forever. AJ is such a grinder and Gabe will get in the Hall of Fame as a poker broadcaster and he’s actually great at poker. No ever see him make terrible decisions. Will bluff to win in unique spots and standard spots

  7. The Menon Vs Kenney is absolutely sickening. That episode aired like a couple days after all the Bryn stuff come out so I’ve never been so satisfied to see someone get 2 outted in a million dollar pot.

    1. @Mansour Alyahya its on doug polks channel. he interviews someone about it

  8. Great call by Daniel! Didn’t over think it even though with Garrets style and position there he usually would have it!

    1. Dont forget Garret went check check all-in after the PF 4-bet. That line on that board usually shows weakness. If he had bet the flop Daniel would have fold to the shove.

    2. @Francesco Iadicicco No it doenst not show weakness, it only shows weakness in a 1-2 or 2-5 game. Ur obv not beating mid-stakes

    3. @Francesco Iadicicco According to ur logic, Daniel should bet the turn small himself. His call on the river is so random. The only reason why he checks turn and calls river is to induce such a bluff by Garreth. But Daniel is to bad to do that.

    4. @Erik de Jong according to my logic Garret should c-bet the flop and keep telling the story. By not betting he represents a missed ace or something. So when he shoves the river it is a clear ace high bluff and DNegs catches him easy (it’s not a random call).

  9. I enjoyed this season, but I do wish for stats they actually showed profit/loss for the players because it can be hard to figure out who is actually winning and losing when they only show stack size and sometimes don’t mention when somebody is adding on. IE: to just say “Garrett has $450,000 in front of him and Krish has $150,000….” that doesn’t mean Garrett is winning and Krish is losing just because one guy’s stack is bigger than the other

  10. Garrett seems like the kind of guy that would see an old lady putting groceries in the trunk of her car—and then beg her to let him help.

    Jean-Robert seems like the kind of guy that would see an old lady putting groceries in the trunk of her car—and then beg her for money.

    Negreanu seems like the kind of guy that would see an old lady putting groceries in the trunk of her car—and when she made eye contact with him—he’d pretend to be on the phone.

    Bryn Kenney seems like the kind of guy that would end up having an old lady in the trunk of his car.

  11. It is always amazing to see how players like Tilly play for years and years and never improve. This is why I love Poker.

  12. Moment he asked he had a flush everybody in the table knew what he had. The other guy let his pride take over.

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