Biggest Buy In of My Life! Betting On Myself For $50,000 | Poker Vlog

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Biggest Buy In of My Life! Betting On Myself For $50,000 |

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  1. Props to Rampage doubling the money of those who bought action even though he didn’t have to. All the second bullet controversy, and he handled it really well.

    1. What controversy? Standard operating procedure. This comment just shows how clueless most of Rampages audience is re all things poker.

    2. @plaZma i don’t think so. Rampage learned a valuable lesson that when you enter a contract, you need to establish all the terms. He failed to do that, assumed that his investors made identical assumptions, and did an honorable thing to make it easier for everyone. He won’t make that mistake again.

    3. What does doubling the money mean? Didn’t those who bought action lose their money? I’m not familiar with how buying action works.

    4. @Matthew Pierce I don’t know if this is fact but what I heard was he implied he wouldn’t play unless he got enough backers. Yet he was willing to play a second bullet on his own money. If that’s the case people are claiming he was willing to play even without backers on the first bullet and shouldn’t have said he wasn’t.

      That said I think it’s dumb because he might have just played again because the field was easier than he thought. It’s 100% possible he wouldn’t have played the first time without backers.

  2. That was quick. I was expecting this towards the end of January . Good job Ethan

    1. @Quandt yeah realised that when the video ended. Still gonna leave the comment up.

  3. That’s a brutal way to go out with that double big blind fee 😂 stay strong my guy!

  4. 16:37 cmon rampage you play poker for a living and can’t see he has a double gut shot?😅 gotta fade that queen too

  5. Thats the spirit my man! No bitchin, just saddle the horse once agien! i can praise your guts all day long. You and Mariano are both on a path i can only admire.

  6. The whole poker world knows it won’t be your last 25k by this point. Lol. Looking forward to the 894k win!

  7. Very good to see u doing well rampage.. I enjoy the action u give and it’s fearless sometimes playing at those stakes… keep on crushing 🙂 my best wishes

  8. Is “betting on yourself” a gen z Phrase? C’mon bro. Who bets against themselves?

  9. Looking forward to you playing the Big one for one drop for 1 million buy in later.

  10. Thanks for the update and the honesty. Can’t win every tournament your play is getting better and better every video. Much more to come for rampage and the luck box hoodie.

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