BIG STACK in the $5,000 6-Max!!! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 23

We're back for Day 2 of the $5,000 No-Limit 6-Max occasion and we have get a huge stack with the bubble looming.

0:00 Intro
1:48 Drive In
4:19 6-Max Table
8:11 Aggressive Table
13:05 AA vs QQ
14:00 Bubble Play
17:52 End of Night

Intro Song:
Nbhd Nick – Excellent Pass Away Young

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BIG STACK in the $5,000 6-Max!!! – 2022 WSOP Day 23

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  1. I appreciate the “such is life” count correction. You’ve done us all a solid.

  2. While I absolutely enjoy watching this, I’m not sure how I’d feel about someone (yes even Daniel) taking video of everything that is going on. I mean when did that change in casinos where you could do that?

    1. More people watching these vlogs these days than watch any poker go coverage I’d imagine

    2. You can thank Andrew Neme and Brad Owen for this. Their rise on YouTube and acceptance all over the country has opened the doors for cameras on the tables. Plus, Daniel does get some special treatment.

    3. @D.M. Poprich Yes but you’re granting permission to be on the WSOP’s cameras that they are using to televise (or market) the event, not just some guy’s private vlog.

      That said, I think it was the last vlog where he was like “oh look he’s getting a selfie of me getting him in a selfie” i.e. it’s not just Daniel doing this, so “special permissions because he’s Daniel Negranu” aside seems that it is more common place which is not something I personally would be completely cool with if I was at the table.

    4. Had whole card cameras since 2004. I don’t see how anyone can have anything to hide at this point.

    5. @Mike B
      You maybe right. However I think everyone probably realizes they have a good chance of being filmed. Also I can definitely see your point if view.

  3. Daniel’s comments about Linglin when there are other players with cards are out of line because his speech could influence how others play at the table. You know better than this Daniel.

    1. Absolutely disgusting by Daniel. I commented the same thing just more blunt about it


    3. Vlogging people in your own all in hands or in between hands, but man that is some poor etiquette from someone with so much experience. Imagine having a camera in your face and someone commenting on what you are doing while you are making a decision. Like WTF?

  4. Came on to say I frigging love your daily vlogs but talking about Ling Ling’s play was so out of line on every level. On one side people may not want you to tap the glass and effect her bad bluffs. On the other hand, I’m sure LingLing hated you disecting her play repeatedly and sharing your thoughts on her play with the others in the game. How could that NOT effect her play? Were you trying to teach her how to play in the middle of a tournament?

    1. Daniel your a descrase for bullying that lady.. i always had a feeling your a woman hateer….. maybe also a beater…verry strange that s why you support johnydepp only becouse your scared that you secrets will come out.. johny depp is inoccent but you…after this vlog i have my doubts!!!

    2. @linda boersma LOL. This is such a reach. I really hope he address these comments in the next vlog. Pretty sure he asks and most players agree to be in the vlog.

    3. @Kris Krane they may agree to be in the vlog but why would anyone agree to have their play dissected while they are playing ?

    4. @Michael Blankenau I agree the hand dissection was uncalled her for and its clear he was bothered by her agressive play in the SB. But my response was for linda who called him a women beater etc after watching the video. Is that not a reach?

    5. @Kris Krane for sure . And then to bring up Depp like that has any relevance lol

  5. she watched to many poker training videos,, everyone figured her out really quick

  6. Daniel…. I really enjoy your vlogs and have nothing but love for you. That said, your table talk against Linglin was very uncalled for…. if you feel you need to comment (and that’s if you feel) I’d suggest as a courtesy waiting until the hand is over, especially when you’re not even live in the hand. I very disappointed in you Daniel. 😔

    1. Daniel your a descrase for bullying that lady.. i always had a feeling your a woman hateer….. maybe also a beater…verry strange that s why you support johnydepp only becouse your scared that you secrets will come out.. johny depp is inoccent but you…after this vlog i have my doubts!!!

  7. IM HOOKED! I’ve watched them all day by day!

    I remember watching a documentary by Louis Theroux where you were featured playing poker probably back in the early 2000’s!! You got me into it big time and I still enjoy it today. You had some mad hand joystick mouse clicker thing it looked space age at the time. 😂

    Anyway I’m really enjoying the Vlog and you’re opening my eyes to some of the other game variations. 👌🏻💯👏🏻

  8. I would go hungry living with Daniel.I love these vlogs.I think Daniel would still be in tourny but he has the $ 250 thousand on his mind.

  9. Very tricky one today: on the one hand Daniels interaction with LingLing was my favourite part of the vlog – she came across as absolutely charming – on the other hand discussing the hands and her play while the hands are still in progress and still multi-way somehow didn’t feel quite right – all in all I’m just a little bit confused about this one:))

    1. Daniels making a blog for his fans. Lingling took it very well. Maybe she knows Daniel is just talking but you are right it sure slows her style down. I think she likes to overbet and get people to fold. Why Daniel is talking about her style of play is confusing. Maybe Daniel will read this and think what he is doing is not illegal but definitely not helping Lingling. Lets see if he comments below.

    2. At first glance I was thinking how this is so cool, after all these years how poker has brought out people of all walks of life. LingLing was charming indeed, and the way Daniel described her play made her seem adorable in the outside but a killer on the inside, but then I see the comments about Daniel exposing this girl and what not, I thought ya, not cool, lol

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