Big Seven-Deuce Bluff on High Stakes Poker! Will it Work or Fail?!

was one of the most entertaining new gamers on Season 9 and on this hand, he attempts an enormous versus DoorDash developer Stanley Tang with the famed seven-deuce offsuit! Will it work though?

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Big Seven-Deuce on High Stakes Poker! Will it Work or Fail?!

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  1. Its impressive to talk when you’re bluffing because nervous system tells you to freeze up because you’re doing something guilty

    1. Better not to talk at all tbh unless of course you’re Will Kasouf.

    2. Loving the comments of wisdom coming from all you 50 cents – $1 pro’s 👍

  2. He has great presence you can’t deny that. He’s extra, but when it works it’s sick.

  3. Patrick one of my favorite players.
    Calm cool an collected. That’s class!!!

  4. Man I really like him, bout time poker got another big character. I miss tony g

  5. I love the table talk so much more interesting and he always talks when he’s bluffing or not been looking for more persson videos

    1. He is smart enough to mix it up, I do see him talking when he has the better hand

    1. I think professionals overall are tired of Hellmuth. Negreanu was talking about how Phil considers himself the best in Poker history – but has never played in the WPT.

      I watched that match – Hellmuth couldn’t do a damned thing – although Persson did catch some cards.

  6. Funny how Patrick keeps calling his hand indirectly when Persson talks to him. 🤣

  7. Man you gotta love patrick specially in the same table as that crazy talkative 72 guy forgot his name really brings out the best of patricks character 😃

  8. Ive never seen Antonius talk so much in a poker game. Eric makes these games entertaining to watch.

    1. I thought that was Antonius at first and then I heard him talk and thought it was somebody else because that’s not what I thought he sounded like. I’m now realising the reason I didn’t recognise the voice is because every hand I’d seen him in he’d been completely silent.

    2. I think it’s cuz he’s been in the game for so long that I think he’s just having fun with it now

  9. Antonius is a cool man, always liked him, glad it seems like he is after all these years. haha

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