Big Poker Hand: Daniel Negreanu vs Eric Persson on High Stakes Poker

and recently clashed on High Stakes Battle however they're not done playing right now! Have a look at this huge pot they used the brand-new Season 10 of High Stakes .

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  1. Eric is a different person when he plays with Daniel. Mutual level of respect there between them.

    1. He knows Daniel is one of the best players in the world. And more importantly he knows he isn’t compared to eric.

    2. respect in words maybe, in game he basically told negreanu the perfect play to get his whole stack with a weak top pair, respect would be if he folded.

    3. Yeah. Eric respects Daniel as a great player and Daniel Respects Eric as his personal ATM.

    4. Daniel is scared of getting bullied like Hellmuth…Persson don’t want to look too much of a dousche representing his brand and all… Hellmuth double flip was to create a interesting persona and create awareness for his brand. This is all it is..

  2. “You made Kings and 10’s! Look at that. Nice job.”

    Absolutely ruthless.

    1. He said the first part, not the second. Daniel rarely trolls, except maybe against Helmuth or Matesow.

  3. Dnegs played Eric like a flute there. He knew exactly where he was at and what Eric had. Cool to watch.

    1. ​@Chris Ko he got it in knowing he was in terrible shape because Daniel played him like a fiddle. Hard to watch someone get abused so badly 😆

  4. So crazy that people talk crap on Daniel. He’s still one of the top goats of my generation

    1. @@bovinejangles uh wrong! He’s evolved with the game year to year. He’s hanging around playing with the best now as he was 20 years ago with different players playing with different skills/knowledge. He’s the best overall player in the game…

    2. Negreanu is Top 5 all time easy… if he didn’t run so bad past 5 yrs he woulda won more

  5. …what would you do if I bet 64 hahahahaha 🎉 intuition at its best, Daniel clicked in that moment like a maniac 😂😂😂😂🎉

  6. Hahah Eric Pearson always does his own demise i love this guy , he’s same like me 🤣

  7. Daniel knows his customers, feeding Eric’s ego with Hellmuth and ‘his stature’, absolute flawless talk.

    1. Dude, “these are not the droids you are looking for!”. He literally manipulates him into calling.

    2. eh idk… I feel like he almost gave it away by having way to much positive energy… and then making it look like he wanted to “Hit and wants to run it multi times” Its ur classic “Grunt/moan” when u got the nuts. That was a ruthless 2min speech tho… Went from praising dude… Bullying Phil Hellmuth… and winning 100k.

    3. @@BillsFan2024 it’s leveling, persson probably assumed daniel wouldn’t be so transparent with his speech and daniel used that against him

    4. @@alextway8497 I mean, I didn’t really want to go down that rabbit hole because it’s a never ending cycle. And u could be right tho, he could have been doing that.

      I personally think he was talking way to fast and was excited so I actually don’t think some of the things he said were to do that, but was more of the natural opposite of whether he was weak or not.

      But again urs makes sense as well considering they know each other and have seen each other play.

  8. At this point, with how much Daniel worked on his game in the last 5 years, calling him the GOAT is not that crazy, the guy went into the lab to be able to compete with all these high stakes robots, while still keeping his big edge against amateurs by being socially or strategically exploitative.

    Switching between the two styles at will is VERY HARD and no one does it better than Negreanu right now.

    1. Hi Jonathan. Could you briefly explain the 2 styles because i’m not familiar with the changes in poker strategy?

    2. @@colinglen4505 There’s the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) approach, which is what most high stakes pros use to compete against each other. It’s closer to memorization of patterns of what a robot would do.
      And there’s the “exploitative” approach, that consists basically of trying to adjust your plays to your opponent’s tendencies (and/or mistakes).
      Obviously, It’s possible to mix the two with enough knowledge and understanding of them.

    3. He is the master playing agains fishes, all that experience, trash talk and reads. He is behind agains modern Regs but learn how to survive. Lifetime profesional

  9. It’s never not funny when Pearson calls for a card that won’t help him lol

    1. 😂 yeah it’s like man this dude couldn’t beat a local 1/2 game just some rich dumb donk

    2. yeah funny to see that repeatedly, perhaps it would be better to not speak in those situations 😅

    3. When he called for a Q or 9 when he was stone dead for a 2m pot was hilarious.

    4. yal are intimidating! each of u are probably immaculate when cameras are watching your every move for 6hrs straight huh ..

  10. Daniel literally pulled a Pysop on Erick to convince him to call. Well played.

  11. Absolutely fantastic work from Negreanu…out table talking Persson into calling. Brilliant.

  12. I love the way persson’s tough guy persona just crumbles, when he’s around Daniel.🤣🤣❤️

  13. This is what I love about Daniel, his talk is so lighthearted and fun; but in reality every single word that comes out of his mouth during the pot is cold and calculated.

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