BIG PLO BLUFF! #poker #danielnegreanu

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BIG PLO BLUFF! # #danielnegreanu

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    1. Pot limit Omaha. You get 4 cards and must use 2 of them with 3 from the board to make your hand.

      Think of it as 6 x 2 card hands you hold. The nuts can change very quickly at each betting round…it’s a great game to play.

    2. @@Megaretro74 yep, have played even higher in home games at the end of the night lol

  1. I see people all the time make a decision based on “I blocked the J 10” and then their opponent flips over the street. Sometimes there’s too much weight given to the idea that you would block some thing so therefore they can’t have it. Blocking with one or two cards only makes it a tiny bit less likely.

    1. If you have 2 jacks you block 50% of hands with a jack. Thats not a little 😂

    2. but considering pot odds and equity those calls were fine imo. if you decide to defend that pre you gotta have to make such plays occasionally

    3. That only counts for very close decisions. If you’re unsure if you wanna call or fold or bluff, this little thing like blocking cards can make the difference.

    4. @@SolarMusicZ I had blockers alrdy considered, you obviously should not play like this oop multiway without it. What I mean is, even with the very attractive odds, the preflop call seems to be questionable as we have a dangler and no nut-suit. And contrary to NLHE we have to tighten up pre with more players involved so I don´t really like pre call.

    1. ​@@SauceOnChickenBallboth ggpoker/natural8 and clubgg. I see several players winning many times while me playing good almost all tournaments with worst cards almost every hand, you fold and you flop nuts on the board. 😂😂. Been more than a year in clubgg and my total winnings is $L65. Take note, almost every time i have premium hands, it freezes or I can’t get access to the platform and sit out automatically, usually I got sit out after the flop, many times I have Aces and three callers and I flop top set and sometimes fullhouse and then two of the three callers bet and then I got sit out. I send a complaint to clubgg management and I was asked for a proof (a video or screenshot). I did provide the video and they just compensate me two stage 3 tickets after it happens to me several times in big tournaments, three times in $L10,000 and twice $L100,000 i was around top 4-6 rank in the tournament within the first 3 hours and the pot sizes around 150,000+ chips you and were sit out after flopping a bigger fullhouse. It makes me lose my motivation to play good and its disgusting why. Then, after that a long hour of worst cards. I hope negreanu will see my message here and he will test me by inviting to play live tournaments which is beyond my capacity to afford financially. I was hoping that clubgg can give me the opportunity to hone my skills but its not. Stage 1 and 2 at clubgg sucks. 2 and 3 Offsuit can win against aces there or pocket Kings. 8 and 3 offsuit can flop a full house. They keep saying about the “variance” and their platform is tested and fair. Really? 😂😂😂

    2. ​@@SauceOnChickenBallwdym subscription to play? You don’t need a subscription just an account lol

  2. Nice, my group of friends would have called either way “just to see” 😂😂 even if it means losing their stack

    1. That’s why poker only makes sense when there is a lot of money on the line.

  3. Its a flop fold, for even a small bet multi way with the fourth flush draw

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