BIG LAYDOWN vs JRB?! – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 06

We're back with another hand breakdown from the most recent season of High Stakes airing exclusively on . This season we battle against Phil , Tom , Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. In this hand we wind up dealing with a large river bet while holding leading pair, do we pay it off or find the fold button?

0:00 Intro
0:40 Preflop
2:43 Flop
4:38 Turn
6:04 River
8:46 How Many Jacks do you have JRB?
11:30 Conclusion

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BIG LAYDOWN vs JRB?! – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 06

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  1. JRB got lucky,, as he BET a story he never had, to the rvr, then hit his story.. with the rvr..
    i think if he bets $28k.. you call, at least.. or,, try a bluff maybe ??

  2. That river bet is pretty bad b/c it narrows you’re calling range to basically just sets unless he’s just been playing like a maniac all night. I probably couldn’t find a fold with a set but really good players might b/c there’s literally no other hand he could have unless you’re playing the 27 game. You guys really should bring that back b/c it adds a neat dynamic to the game.

  3. AQ in hold ‘em is like my ex: looks really great and never delivers…

  4. Every broadway and decent pocket pair hand except AQ came in. A pair of aces is a bluff catcher. Pocket queens is maybe the only in range holding that aces beat but is partially blocked. I didn’t hate his overbet seems like what you do if you missed the river, but what could he have missed on that board? It drilled JRB range perfectly.

    1. Easy. What hands will Daniel play as he did. He just have to make a bluff unprofitable. Daniel can have similar play with plenty of better hands where he can call to punish bluffs. I think the hand he called called called with is one of the worst he can have in that spot.

  5. I have been in that spot playing poker. Lost the first and folded the second .

  6. QT and KT are his bluffs, and You have no bluff or value raise range on that runout.

    His sizing is fine with KQ – it’s definitely solver approved. It’s one of the few hands where that sizing makes sense. Using that sizing with 99 definitely not.

    1. I hear you, but solver approved only matters if you are balanced with that size and there is no chance in hell JRB is!

  7. Is it really that big of a lay down? He has one pair! On a very connected board which hits JRB a lot of times.

  8. The bluffs that make sense here are KTs and QTs IF JRB 3 bets those preflop. It would be interesting to see what JRB would have done with those hands when they run into s pair on the River. Clearly they are no good, but does JRB take an overbet sizing for a bluff with those hands on the River.

    Daniel Negreanu, thoughts?

    1. My impressions was that he wouldn’t bluff often enough on that river with the right combos for that size. I think he took his last stab on the turn and then was going to shut it down if he missed

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