BetMGM Poker Championship 2023 | $3,500 Main Event Final Table

Details to follow.

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Championship 2023 | $3,500 Main Event Final Table

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  1. Am I missing something here why do all or some of these poker players grab the hoodie and put it near their face. Is it so their hand doesn’t touch the face and get all oily and get pimples all over their chin. It’s just ridiculous. They look like clowns.

    1. No it’s because there’s a large vein in your neck that pulses or bulges when you are super stressed. It’s probably excessive to do this but in a big spot they do it so no one can see their neck.

    2. I do it to rest my head on my hand and poker chips are so dirty I don’t want to touch my face directly.

    3. Some people cant stop themselves from shaking their chin (teeth chattering) and neck veins from pulsing. So it hides it all.

    4. They’re covering up tells, with the hand prop helping to hide their breathing, any shaking, or a throbbing pulse. It’s pretty standard, in my experience, especially when the stakes are higher than their usual game. It’s not easy to sit like a stone when you’re adrenalized, and all of these guys surely are.

  2. Awkward exchange at the end …and Left dude hanging 🤝 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Took 4hours 31minutes and 58 seconds out of my life to watch this poker tournament. Great play, great announcing, time well spent.

  4. SO excited to see more commentary from Jamie. Keep it comin’, she’s an excellent commentator!

  5. Wish the guy wouldve stopped talking over her so much. It was really annoying. Stop that lol

  6. 4:28:40 humans have lost the ability to communicate and express emotion

    1. Everything about him screams Tom Dwan, guy should have just started jamming heads up

  7. Does anyone know when we’ll get betmgm poker in Vegas? I thought I read 2023… but haven’t seen anything else about it

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