Best of Tom Dwan | High Stakes Poker Season 9

Season 9 has wrapped up and was associated with lots of huge pots! Take a look at the very best of right now as he goes up against , Doyle Brunson, Adelstein, and DoorDash CEO .

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Best of Tom | High Stakes Poker Season 9

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    1. We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing

    2. I don’t think it’s a matter of him being motivated to make more money. I think it’s that he already has generational wealth and wants to play with it as much as possible before he goes.

  1. G man’s a monster. Even at this supposedly high stakes high level table, he always sits with the biggest stack.

    He’s the exact opposite of Phil. Who buys in a minimum against recreational youtubers.

  2. Durrr highlights!? HSP highlights! I couldn’t click any faster! 😍

  3. Will always be the premium poker show, the first 6seasons were unbeatable but love that new ones are being made too.
    Thanks for putting up anything HSP related.
    And please, omaha4 and 5 would be amazing to see too!

  4. Not a populair opinion I think but Phil Ivey, I would hate to play with him. Not based on his skill but he just seems like not a fun person to have in a game. He is always looks upset, barley talks and can’t take a beat. Daniel on the other hand completely the opposite, always very talkative, fun to be around and can take a beat.

  5. doyle saying “i better leave you alone” wow what a strong poker moment. return of high stakes old time legends doesnt want to fight through the modern poker times

  6. Confused why Daniel check checked the flop and turn with 10s, Dwan checks the flop and turn so him having a J is prolly pretty unlikely, unless he thought maybe Tom was trapping, but both hands that and the one where it was AK vs KQ he didn’t fire any barrels and let Tom get there both times….weird seeing Negreanu plays hands so passively

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