Battling the Toughest Opponents at the WSOP | Poker Vlog #453

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Battling the Toughest Opponents at the WSOP | #453

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  1. Rampage thank you for all you do and have done with poker over the last few years

  2. God I love you rampage but sometimes I wonder how you do so well in tournaments… how do you ever think that your top pair is good in a 4 way pot when someone raises on the flop?

    1. That’s a 100% call with a 10 off. Put it in PIO or any solver. Whether you think your good or not. You’re not folding too much in the pot and you can still improve. Can’t win tourneys playing like a nit.

  3. Nice video, I think a good video would be to share your perspective about the WSOP as so many pros are going for it and amateurs try to get their way in. And share your experience about how it was to battle against some many strong players and will you do it again?
    Love the tournaments vlogs.

  4. At least for the hands you showcased here, noticing a small live-tell on your hand-strength in the way you place the cards back in front of you after re-checking your holding.

  5. Love you man!

    You didn’t have the second nuts at 3:50. Q9 was second and aq was the nuts.

    1. No. He had the 3rd nuts. AQ, Q9 both beat his J high straight

      Just kidding! Was trolling with a repeat of what you said 😊

  6. E, I’m sure back then when doing just cash vlogs, u never thought you’d do so many tournament vlogs but I gotta say, your one of the BEST in doing them, a very clean straight to the point of all the hands, it’s feels like I’m playing and feeling the highs and lows of tournament play, I hope to keep seeing tourney Vlogs.. peace…

  7. He call himself a luck box for a good reason, he’s putting himself in more situations to be lucky and have big chip stacks early on in the tournament. He then leverages his stack against his opponent with premium cards and combo draws. Lots of opponents fold to his aggression. He’s a pure gambler and he’s lucky!

    1. Don’t see him with chip leads early on. That’s why he has to jam and suck out so much

  8. At the end of the year, I hope you’ll give us complete stats on how much you’ve paid in tournament buyins so we know how much you’ve profited. Also, your total profit in cash games and hourly


  9. Got to learn how to fold, bro, jacks are often beaten by over pairs, never a jam. Thanks and good luck next time – Chris from Cairns Australia

  10. You played well!! I’m sorry for how it ended. Damn I always hate jacks, no right way to play them.

  11. all in with JJ in the last hand of the day… this is rampage that we know hahahaha

  12. “I am happy to get stacks in the middle” — with one card remaining and you have no pair. That sort of cutting-edge analysis is what I am looking for.

  13. Hello Ethan, hope you’re well and doing great. At least winning at the tables. Sorry you busted in the tournament. Better luck on the next one. Hoping you had fun at least. See you. Peace🌹

  14. I love how you go, “Things have been very “swingy”.” When you’re the one creating the swings lol

  15. “I’m here to win or at least play as properly as possible” *goes all in with JJ pre-flop* …..

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