Bagging the CHIP LEAD with $1.1 MILLION for First! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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Bagging the CHIP LEAD with $1.1 MILLION for First! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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  1. Absolutely love your tournament videos. It’s really cool to see the transparency of tournament poker

  2. So glad you pick up. You did everything right but that’s just how it is sometimes, it just doesn’t work but you just have to do how it should be done! Hope you will come out winning! Will be waiting for the next update! G’luck

  3. Just in time during this beautiful Sunday Grind! GL every1 during your tournaments today : )

  4. It’s a good day when rampage drops a vlog, might come by the hard rock in around an hour away

  5. Love the video! We’re here to watch you battle! You can’t always win. Losing is not boring. It’s a very large part of tournament poker. And we learn from you sharing the thoughts behind your decisions.

  6. Rarely leave any comments but a huge fan! You’re such a down to earth person. You’re true to yourself and others which is why everyone loves you! I’ve been following poker vloggers since Neeme so I go way back. You are by far my favorite. Hope you snap off a huge tourney in the near future! GL! Keep the content coming! Thank you!

  7. Algorithm sent me your way couple days ago! Really nice vlog format, like all your videos. Best wishes going forward

  8. I actually prefer these tournament vlogs especially when it shows the realistic side of poker. It helps to soothe my own tournament pain by knowing I’m not alone. 🙂

    1. Yeah except these are 10k buy in tournaments and the fields are vastly better then what the average player will face

    2. Fr I felt like a dumbass showing up to my first tournament and losing on the second hand but after watching a professional do it makes me feel like that’s just how it goes sometimes

    3. 10k buy in or $500 buy in… it’s tough losing flip after flip when you’re making the right GTO plays. I got 1010 all in pre vs AK for 2 bullets in $400 bounty tourney this weekend. Lost two flips. Way she goes sometimes. Sick game 😅

    4. Not necessarily the realistic side. More like where all the nits play. Pure raw poker is in the cash games

  9. Love your transparency bro. It helps me as well to see the ups and the downs. It can be tilting to run bad and just watch winning videos 😅❤

  10. I love your tourney videos. Its nice to see you lose sometimes. Your honesty is refreshing

  11. 13:48 really enjoy these dude! as a cash game player wanting to get into tournaments it gives me perspective on the tournament playstyle/mentality, much appreciated

  12. A,5 of clubs…. What the hell was she doing?! What an amazing end of day gift!! Let’s goooo Rampage! Can’t wait to see day two!!

  13. This is fantastic, really does make me feel a lot better about my recent tournament downswing! Actually quite entertaining, and reassuring as well!

  14. Love your tournament videos. I loojed for you when I had tome at the WSOP in Cherokee North Carolina, but didnt see you. Hopefully, if you played there earlier this month, there will be some videos coming. Camt wait to see the rest of thos one and see how you did at the Hard Rock!

  15. LMFAO!! Title bagging the CHIP LEAD, at the end bagging second in chips!! lol… still great playing!!

  16. Always appreciate the HONEST side of being a Poker Pro… Keep It Real…and Best of Luck My Friend

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