BAD NEWS at the WSOP! – Daniel Negreanu 2023 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 28

Group gets some problem as we grind the 2-7 No Limitation Single Draw Occasion.

0:00 Intro
0:39 Excellent Early morning
1:30 Prepare for the Day
4:35 Lunch
5:35 Bad News
9:05 Poker Technique
12:05 Modification of Plans
13:05 Oops
14:20 Chainsaw Corner
15:55 Back to the Cage
17:45 Barry Greenstein
22:10 Guy of individuals
24:05 Tally

I'm back with another year of your favorite WSOP Vlogs, coming at you each and every day from Las Vegas for the entire WSOP. Videos will be uploaded around 9:15 am PT. Hand Breakdowns, All Ins, , Phil Hellmuth, the bad beats, the deep runs, and hopefully another bracelet, or two!

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BAD NEWS at the WSOP! – Daniel Negreanu 2023 WSOP Day 28

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  1. You know, for somebody who is putting out a ton of really good free content, you guys are really hard on this guy. Hes been crushing life and poker for decades.

    1. I am Cubs Bears and the 7 years Jordan had to get Pippen past Detroit and New York Mixed Martial Arts Ball. You still want Wins and Championships but always a fan.

    2. Exactly. Everyone is an armchair QB/poker player. Ridiculous. Although he’s not been on his A game imho. Too loose too tight (250k) and just can’t catch lightning in a bottle but he will be back. Last year he won the 3 million after not running good. It’s poker. Happens to the best. When’s Ivey last had a big finish? Just as an example

    3. @@youtubelife9248 You do know the top guys take a piece of each other, so he may actually be up, and you jut do nit understand that, it helps on variance. Also, I image unbekownst to you he probably has sponserd that foot some of his tournies, like Brad Own, he gets a set amount from EPT each year to buy into WPT tounrnies. Also however, when you her a guys has 54 million in earnings, if he’s sold 50 percent action in those tournies he really has. Let me give an example how this can be a BS number. So, I and 20 people buy into the One Million Drop and we all have 5 percent of each other, with one prize of 20 million given out, if we all had 5 percent we all get 1 million back, so I aint won sheet. Not saying they do that, it would be dumb, they would all just be paying a Casino the buy in fee or juice. But I use tat to show how you can GAME the system to be this HUGE STAR, and get endorsements, which is where the money really is,

  2. DNegs is doing a huge service to the poker world by doing these vlogs. I’m sure he would be doing better if he weren’t distracted by the vlog and getting bombarded by fans. But such is life. I know he’s got another bracelet or 3 in him. LFG Daniel!

    1. All your good runs this series have been in the smaller stuff. Think that might be your best bet at another bracelet either way cheering for you hard!

  3. Win lose or draw, Daniel is the best ambassador for the WSOP and poker in general. There is no other worth mentioning.

    1. Agree 100%. These WSOP daily vlogs are the best. No one does them better!

  4. Appreciate all of the really great content. I look forward to it every morning. Thanks from a fellow canuck.

  5. Your puppies are just amazing😍😍😍 I’m pretty sure that all of us watching your vlog love them. Cuteness at the highest level❤

  6. I have never been more impressed by someone in a VLog then I was with Daniel today. For some context, I was homeless 3 years ago, and have been blessed to get a roof over my head with a charity organization. So any players that catch bad beats but go home to a mansion and a stunning wife…let’s just say I don’t ever empathize for that. But after having a really tough day, and catching several bad beats….Daniel takes the time to take photo after photo with fans when I know I couldn’t, and almost any other person could either. To me that kindness and class means more then any bracelet.

    1. Hello and your right!!! And God bless you for turning your life around and getting a roof over your head!! I was homeless for 3 years in my 30’s and I know how that was…God bless DG..for being a great guy a great ambassador for poker and a very humble person

    2. Homeless in Missouri in February when I was 23. Living in a tent in -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky I survived. Now at 45 have everything I need/want. Just took 20 years of work.

    3. @@randallamirante3112 Thank you for the kind words. Sometimes it feels like being a nice, honest person is my downfall. That being said I will never change my morals and at the end of the night whether I lay my head on a pillow or a park bench I can be proud of the man I am. I try to help one person a day in any way I can, and if we all did that we could live such a beautiful harmonious life. In stead people are sleeping in the streets while Jeff Bezos has over 150 BILLION dollars…anyway sorry for getting preachy! Just keep being you my man, and the same to you D!

    4. @@davidbeppler3032 That is a beautiful thing my man…I’m trying to get there…I have also come to realize the only true currency in this world is love. All I care about is helping others at this point. Leaving each day with helping one person, even if just something small. And your kind and inspirational words helped me.

  7. I love the look inside the life of one of Pokers GOATS. thank you for sharing your adventures in the WSOP. I could only dream of playing in the stakes you play in.

  8. I’m excited to see you at a final table!! It’s in the universe now!!

  9. The end of this video is awesome. I know you hate nothing more then when people interrupt you while your recording yet you put on that smile and did it anyway knowing you had a shitty day at the office. Hopefully you seen how much everyone is still rooting for ya to win something this year. It’s coming bro💪🏽

  10. Handling the tough days like a true champ. This is the only vlog / online series I watch religiously everyday. Makes me feel like I’m out there with ya. I feel a bracelet coming.

  11. Absolute honour to have Dan for the poker community , keep been such a genuine nice guy man and love your honest feed back and thought process on the game we all love. Thanks bro from UK <3

  12. Ambassador Daniel at his best – smiling with the fans after busting. Thanks Daniel for continuing to grow the game.

  13. Daniel
    You are a role model
    I have been looking up to you for 20 years (since i was 11)
    You are so kind hearted and I appreciate you a lot!!
    When I have a tough time with my mum who is very sick, I turn too old videos of you

    I even went to Vegas in 2017 and thoguht that I might see you there, unfortunately there was another tournament in some stupid city or country that all pros went to 😉

    Anyway, you are one of the pillars in my life that cheers me up when I feel down

    Hope to see you someday and i promise I will wait for the picture AFTER you Vlogged:)

    All love

    Daniel from Sweden

  14. These vlogs are so great DNegs, I’d almost wish it was a TV show but no way I could wait week to week between episodes, I’m cheering for you!!

  15. Thank you for being friendly to us fans even when you’re “tilted” and not in the mood. We appreciate it!

  16. I literally am a resident of Las Vegas. Poker and multi game dealer for over a decade and I can only stand to watch this man. Im tuning in for the Vlog. Yes i want him to win and do great but no one else in the community does anything close to making poker feel good again like Daniel Negreanu.

  17. You care about Poker, and people close to you. ❤
    Good times are a reminder and a reward for dealing with the difficult and challenging times we all go through.

  18. Love how even after frustrating bad beats in tournament when basically nothing went good you still find a time to take pictures and chit chat with people. Great attitude man, respect and thanks for letting us peek into your private space during the WSOP.

  19. Daniel seems like the most humble superstar out there. He seems like the nicest person until it’s time for him to take all your chips of course. So glad he does these vlogs, it really does help amateurs like me to understand the game better. Thank you Daniel, love watching. Cheers.

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