Bad Beats & Crazy Emotions at World Series of Poker Monster Stack Final Table!

The Beast Stack is a World Series of Poker staple as one lucky gamer takes him a gold bracelet and a seven-figure score! Enjoy how Joe Cada, Joshua Adcock, Nicholas Gerrity, Loic Dobrigna, Jesse Rockowitz, Colin Robinson, and Braxton Dunaway fight for the leading prize!

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Bad Beats & Crazy Emotions at World Series of Poker Monster Stack Final Table!

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  1. All I saw was this guy get it in behind 3 times in 3 crucial pots and gets there lol gg to him

    1. When is your time is your time . First you had to buy 1500k per bullet , then pray and running hot 😂. 👍

    2. @@octodaddy8322 i understand, but a few people had 1500 dollars to spend in poker , plus the variance of the poker is huge .

    3. Also saw his make 2 great calls, neither of which were on the TV table. One with 25 left and 1 with 7 left last hand of the night day 4 before TV table

    4. @@mrslaneful he still put the money in back three times . When is your time , nobody beating you . Yesterday I play big pot with AA vs 33 and the guy call preflop 150 dollar and on the flop 972 two clubs , he calls 370 and told that put me in ak 😂 . Runner Runner flush with the 3 of clubs . 😂.

    1. Lol that’s not running pure. That’s running like a luck box.
      Running pure is winning all your flips and holding when your ahead. He hit multiple three outters in the biggest pots of his whole life

  2. All I watched was a guy get it in bad and ran extremely lucky….played his best? sticking it in with Q6

    1. I mean, not really. What could he have there? Certainly not a K. So, a pair of 7s, is most likely the best hand.

    2. Bad bluff by dunaway as what real decent hand checks turn after flop went check/check,still hard to call with just a pair though.But the donkey play worked due to luck unfortunately

    3. I know totally agree, the first lesson in poker is that it is unfair. Play perfectly and still lose everything on horrific run outs

    4. not a crazy call… biggest stack tryna eliminate little guy w an ace

  3. Really this is like any Triton or WSOP super hi roller event,it all boils down to winning all ins

  4. Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t catch the enjoyment watching somebody getting it in bad 3 times and getting lucky lol

  5. Nobody makes it through a field of 500 and doesn’t get lucky in spots much less 8k people. GGs to him. Played with ❤‼️

  6. basically i think dunaway strategy is impeccable …. getting it behind and win
    it makes it impossible for the opponent to get away from it …
    i cant see any fault in this strategy as long as you know the bad beat is coming

    1. Lol. Make’s you think, doesn’t it. There’s me struggling at low stakes watching terrible plays at levels out of my reach…

    2. @@drizzle952 too much luck involved. Professional players downplay it to make them look better. You will never win without luck. In Professional sports, you do not require much luck to win.

    3. @@masterboytothemax1599 Thinking you are right. All this “its a skill game” and “study the game” business doesn’t seem to get me far. I do all right for a bit then get smashed by bad beats and coolers. Don’t see how you can avoid them….

    4. @@drizzle952 This year I’ve been getting screwed consistently by bad run outs when people are calling me drawing super thin.

  7. Congrats to Robinson for not putting your money in against a can’t lose until everyone else already did.

    ICM genius.

  8. Dunaway is lucky to have gone that far but every tournament you get hero calls and hero folds and extreme luck.

  9. That Q-6 hand on the Turn looked like a winner to me!

    “Blockers!” 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Dunaway needs a Q, gets a Q! Dunaway needs a Q, gets a Q! Dunaway needs a Q, a Q!

    Talk about running hot at the right time.

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