BACK on the HORSE!!! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 16

Is a low buy-in event simply what we require to return on track? Plus more , Chainsaw, Matusow, and my Havasu Lake identity.

0:00 Introduction
1:30 My Havasu Identity
4:26 Drive In
6:50 $700,000 Next Week?
8:13 The Stroll to Bally's.
9:38 Matusow.
11:05 Chainsaw Corner.
14:00 Stud 8 Pot.
16:48 Blez Interview.
18:14 .
20:37 Bag Time?

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BACK on the HORSE!!! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 16

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  1. The two highlights of every vlog for me are Ivey getting sick of the sight of Daniel filming and “whats bothering you today Alan!!”

  2. Matt & Kim was excellent choice for those few seconds. Really set it over the top

    1. I saw Matt and kim in Bonnaroo. Kim crowd walked across my hands. Great live.

  3. Hey Daniel, for the red light situation, try going exactly the speed limit – there is a theory that if you go exactly the speed limit you should hit all greens (again a theory) worth giving a shot….LOL

  4. I look forward to these every am, great way to start my day, 😁. Good luck!

  5. love the vlogs daniel!! love watching you play poker every day again! we want more poker! more hand histories!

  6. It’s possible that the junction has a sensor that detects whether a car is waiting or not so the light will never go green until a car arrives. This is quite common at junctions where a quiet road meets a busy road(at least it is in Ireland)

  7. Daniel is a such a G! I love how much he still loves this game after all these years. Greatest ambassador of the game of all time

  8. Matusow and Negreanu’s friendship is a beautiful thing and a great example for the world

    1. Kessler, Matusow and DNegs should all chill in his special room and share vegan snacks

  9. You have to go through the entire grind with the ups and the downs to get there in the end Daniel. You know its all +EV. Last year you had a lot of these moments and still ended in the black (even though you got screwed for the big bucks). Your time will come again. Good luck!

  10. Hope you continue to do well in the tournament today Daniel! Loving the vlogs and the fact that you’re cheering on the Jays! We’re going to a game with my dad this Sunday! They’re playing the Yankees and we will get to see Donaldson again! We should have worn ours when we were in Vegas a couple of weeks ago 😊

    LOVE that Amanda has the Dexter theme song as her ring tone! We love that show 👌🏻 Do you know where she got that ring tone? 😊

    Amanda & Scott

  11. I kinda love Mikey now. He’s like the Muppet of the poker world, and I mean that in the best way possible.

  12. So insane from Amanda to figure all that stuff out. Mike and Alan were so awesome. Can’t wait to see the mouth in some contenders clothing. Can’t believe they wouldn’t have the chips Alan likes in the lounge! Phil definitely seems like a family feud fan. I really want some chocolate now. Hope today goes better!

  13. I really enjoyed this Vlog with the upbeat attitude throughout. It’s infectious and I hope to see more of it. Now time for #7 LFG!!

  14. I legit genuinely laugh every single time Daniel goes to see Phil. They’re personalities are like PB&J so different but work so well together

  15. Most entertaining down streak ever. It’s always good content, man.

    Glad you sorted out the Arizona wackiness. Let’s roll now with the poker!

  16. I appreciate how nice you are to the fans and never say no to taking a picture with people. That’s really respectable.

  17. Amazing detective work from Amanda, thats so wild she found and put all that together. Maybe a future career as a private investigator? So insane how a mistaken identity snowballed this far!

  18. 18:15 in the Vlog I actually make my Vlog Debut, I was the person directly behind Phil Ivey in late registration line. I been telling ya’ll in the comments section I’d be in Vegas for World Series June14-28th. Very cool to actually sorta make it into the Vlog so quickly. Keep up the great work Daniel & editor, ya’ll did quick job of getting this out there from last night! THUMBS UP!

  19. Recently I got into poker and now I’ve been watching the vlogs every day. Now I’m here sipping a strawberry latte and thinking life’s good

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