BACK in the SPOTLIGHT: MAIN EVENT DAY 2 FIREWORKS! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 WSOP VLOG Day 41

We're back for Day 2 of the Main Event and we're wanting to see some much better table draws and some much better cards as we press towards Day 3.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Feeling Great
2:32 Table Draw
2:47 1998 Centerpiece
4:15 Ideal table
4:48 Stack size method
5:35 Low-cost Flops
6:55 Table of the Day
7:20 Dream Table
8:15 1st Break
9:55 Table Break
10:45 New Table
11:15 Substantial Pot
12:02 Aces!
13:02 second Break
13:28 # 1.
16:52 # 2.
17:50 Dinner Break.
18:28 Strategic Modifications.
20:40 Feature Table Hand.
24:45 End of Night.

I'm back with another interesting year of your preferred vlogs, streaming daily from Las Vegas throughout the whole 2024 WSOP. Tune in every morning around 9:15 am PT for hand breakdowns, analysis, all-ins, encounters with legends like Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth, epic bad beats, deep runs, and hopefully, another bracelet!

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  1. I know that you hate being at the feature table, when you just want to play and build a monster stack but it was fun watching you accumulate chips.

  2. I sure do miss how the WSOP looks. I miss the lighting and dimness from the Rio. In Paris feels to lit up and modern

  3. DNEGS has adapted through multiple generations of poker and the ever-evolving landscape. The fact that he continues to remain one of the top players is incredible. Rooting for you always Daniel!

    1. @@kevinmclain6741

      He get staked and sponsored. Very little of his entries are his own money.

    2. ​@@kevinmclain6741 You are only looking at his number on paper aka tournaments

  4. There is a number of things that is impressive about DNegs but the thing that is under rated is his ability to take naps instantly. Kinda amazing.

  5. It was the Jeff Platt interview that made the new table cold for you! Worse than a 50 dolla bill y’all!

  6. Morita seems like such a fun person. Very bubbly personality. She’s also gorgeous!

    1. I saw one video of her lobbing darts with some pro dude. Some kind of exhibition, as they were just targeting the bullseye.

  7. Not sure if that is public information, but you should likely blur out that woman’s information at 8:09. Not sure if she would love her email address, etc. spread out.

    1. oooh ooh thanks for pointing that out, I would’ve never noticed otherwise. Now I know shes 34 and lives in Brazil! REKT!!!!

  8. Daniel… are a GREAT player. We don’t want you to forget that! Be a nit a little more and you can own this sucka. Been following you since 2006. I’m old enough to be your Mama, my son just turned 47. Please win this! Kisses to Amanda and puppies too.

  9. Shoutout to Daniel’s editor, they do a fantastic job, and on such a short turnaround, it’s crazy the quality of the graphics and the editing on these videos!

  10. I respect the fact that you wanted to smooth things over with that guy. You’re a good person

  11. The Johnny Chan play against Leonard was very well executed. I especially like the sizing of your bet on the turn. Small ball baby! Let’s chip up slowly but surely.

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