Antonio Esfandiari vs Jennifer Tilly on High Stakes Poker Season 10 | $305,000 POT

Two of your favorite gamers clash on Season 10 as and pertain to blows, each holding a very strong hand! Who are you rooting for?

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  1. Tilly obviously has hit the monetary jackpot in life… but my goodness, she has a tendency to always be on the losing side of enormous pots. She has that hangdog look about her in every poker game, like she is 100% confident it is not going to go her way. She also happens to be dreadful at the game, despite having done nothing particularly wrong in this hand.

    1. She has had a nice career. But can she really afford to drop that kind of money. I doubt that it is her money.

    2. @@xman559 she was married to Sam Simon who was the co-creator of the Simpsons. To this day she still gets millions every year from the Simpsons.

    3. @@generyan4043 Oh, that explains. I’ve always thought that she couldn’t possibly have earned that much from her acting career.

    4. @@generyan4043 She cashed in her (then) top pair years ago and snagged a massive pot then!

  2. Where is Phil Laak? The world isn’t the same without him in the public!

    1. The family can’t afford to have two losing players in the same game…

  3. I dealt to Jennifer at a charity tournament. She was a sweetheart; friendly, somewhat flirty, and down to earth.

  4. As soon as I saw the video thumbnail I just knew Antonio would have the bigger set because well he just seems to run so well on televised games and Jennifer is the opposite

    1. Jennifer may run worse than any player I can think of, but Doug Polk runs better than anyone I have ever seen on streams.

  5. i still think she made the right decision to shove on that turn card 10. she had a solid hand and from her perspective probably the best, but she had the chance of scaring off another set with the straight potential.

    1. Notice how antonio snap called? Yeah, she wasn’t trying to scare off another set, nor is there anyway to make a set fold there

  6. Did the commentator say “B-Threats to $11,000” or am i going crazy? @0:20

    1. lol hes the guy u want at every table. Wish i could play with 8 bills every session

  7. Key to poker. Being lucky at the right time. And a cheating machine shuffler.

  8. As a fellow canadian i must pull for tilly. But she has no business being in these games. This game in particular she can be a winning player. But stay out of pots with AE and bobby. She should be playing to isolate the 3 massive fish at the table.

  9. I’m glad the thumbnail stating “set over set” didn’ reveal how this hand was going to go down….especially at moment 0:00:00:0001 when the first thing we see is Jennifer’s 22. Thanks for building up the suspense, editors.

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