ANOTHER RUN in the $800 Ultra Deepstack – 2023 WSOP Online

We're back for Occasion # 15, the $800 Ultra Deepstack event.

We'll be streaming for the next couple of weeks from Vancouver playing the 2023 Online.

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ANOTHER RUN in the $800 Ultra Deepstack – 2023 WSOP Online

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  1. Yesterday I watched wsop champions edition from 2006 where you got to the final table vs Mike Sexton, legend of poker of course, no spoilers; everyone have to go and watch that. Dnegs called one of the hands like normal psychic power 😂😂

  2. Who calls with 92 all in with AK suited some online players are just nuts…….

  3. Daniel daniel towards end how about shipping it with 77 on the flop? Also last hand KJ how about just flatting since button flatter can have anything here. Also notice you always start doing bad whenever u start eating something.

    1. I like these, the KJ shove feels like a bad move no matter what… you dominated by any hand that calls you… no one is going to call you with a worse hand than KJ off…

  4. At 2:36:34 let’s just appreciate absolute suckout that happens while Daniel is distracted. One man’s dreams were just crushed on the river…

  5. 1:52:00 lol daniel rabbit hunts and says “why did we look” every single time

  6. Daniel friend…please do skip on several plays at the time..and obtain total focus to win or make a good result !!!!

  7. Ну типо да A10 выбил свой ковер… Ну ты как бы наставик … Здоров как бык

  8. Я веселый покемон… Расслабся получай удовольствие ошибки проработали… Прикольно он там орал канада большая да

  9. You and Hellmuth are the two best players in the game when it comes drawing an audience.

    I’m sure it’s in PH’s nature to behave that way, but I’m also pretty sure he’s cogniscent of it and knows that it makes for great viewership. Tony G and PH interactions are better than flopping trips.

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