Another CRAZY Hustler High Stakes Hand, Reaction To Elon Taking Over Twitter – DAT Poker Pod Ep #134

0:00 Intro – Halloween, House Hunting
11:45 Crazy Costs Klein Hand On Stream
43:30 Elon Takes Over Twitter

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Another CRAZY Hustler High Stakes Hand, Reaction To Elon Taking Over Twitter – DAT Poker Pod Ep #134

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  1. Thanks for the upload. Currently in a cab to stay at the Wynn for a few nights. Cheers.

  2. Hi guys, esp you Adam for your longevity on the show and keeping it going. Skills and thanks to you all and Ross no doubt puts in a ton of work behind the scenes, emails etc. Of knives Daniel, have you watched “Play Misty For Me” starring Clint Eastwood as a Radio Disc Jockey, and thats where the fun begins. I saw it in 1976 so its an oldie but a goodie.

  3. Who remembers the series on one of the poker sites about 15 years ago where the reporter visited various pro’s houses. Elly Elezera had a stand out joint but I think the nicest property i saw was owned, complete with staff and guest houses is Steve Zolotov’s pad. Yes, Bill Klein is a great man and patriot. I remember Gabe Kaplan saying he used to own he Treasure Island casino.

    1. Agreed. Klein is the best example of a good-guy there ever was. Kaplan is an awesome commentator, too. I miss seeing him.

  4. *”First just say the hand, I’m not going to interrupt you.”*
    *Proceeds to interrupt beforehand, then during for like 10 minutes* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. *I know you can’t use the ACTUAL footage, but at the VERY LEAST you can be less lazy and post the board and the two hands on the bottom left of the screen.*
    Hate to criticize, because some people take constructive criticism as an insult.. but I want to see you succeed in this because I like watching your videos.

  6. Hey Daniel I know your gonna do well in Rozvadov.. will you be Vlogging again ?🀞

  7. The flat by Bill preflop probably helps the believability of him having a 5.

  8. I was wondering if Daniel was gonna attend the WSOP Europe. His video blogs are always interesting to follow along.

  9. if dull mind numbing waffle could be monetised your man Adam would be a billionaire.

  10. A full time producer yet a 40min hand break down and no cards on the screen. Fucking lol.

  11. I don’t think Bill Klein ever owned Treasure Island , the owner is Phil Ruffin

  12. Not paying for Twitter vs paying for Twitter if Elon switches the business model is like owning a Tesla and not paying for premium connectivity vs paying for it, your experience is just better for the same ride

  13. Regarding Bill’s bluff, you all missed one very cool and important thing. While he was collecting the chips and the table talk started, he literally said “I know… He had to raise me. He had to raise me, right?” while talking to Nik. So he lead the river big expecting to be raised almost always and had a plan for it. Soul read.

  14. Many still remember the huge bluff that Klein ran against Galfond on High Stakes Poker way back when.
    The guy has had these gutzy moves in his repertoir for a long time. Awesome.
    As for Twitter: I find it funny that we’re talking about “A company is shoving unwanted content (ads) down our throats. Let’s have them charge us for them not doing that”. In other contexts that would be called extortion (“I’m gonna burn your house down. How much will you pay me if I don’t!).

  15. I was this many years old when I realized that DAT stands for Daniel Adam Terrence

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