Andy Has AK in a Tough Spot for $139,000

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Gambling Establishment GM: Shaun Yaple.
System Engineer: Brett Drolet.
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl.
Special Thanks to the Flynt Household.

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Andy Has AK in a Tough Spot for $139,000

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    1. Huh? Have you seen him flop the “nut” flush against Mariano’s straight flush?

    2. people usually comment the opposite. Andy has had some serious extended runbad for like, the past two years.

    1. short attention span viewing. people get hooked more easily if you start “in medias res,” i guess. but i’m with you; it’s annoying

  1. “has AK in a tough spot” is sneaky ambiguous. does andy himself hold AK, but he finds himself in a tough spot? or is andy’s play going to put his opponent, who has AK, into a tough spot? thank god for the thumbnail or i wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight.

  2. I’m amazed these pros don’t even look at their opponents when playing big hands

    1. You can give things away by looking at them, too much eye contact more then normal etc. Unless you have psychic abilities they aren’t giving away much tells.

  3. Andy’s sunglasses are too reflective. I wouldn’t risk any chance of people seeing my cards.

  4. its a clear fold. Pre flop was a re-raise and Henry called. So he cant have Q10, or weaker hands, AQ,KJ,KQ,JJ,1010,99,88 is in his calling range. After flop check turn raise Henry cant have AJ, AQ, flush draw, etc as these hands would never be a pot size raise on the turn. Pot size raise is KJ, 8 set, 6 set. as board went very flush draw like and Andy can have A high flush. I think Andy could fold on turn already with AK as it is in his range and Henry knew that and Henry raised pot size. Why? Against a AQ or some bluff re-raise garbage hand like 94 you would make smaller bets, so Henry targeted AK and AA. He knew Andy game, he checks many times strong hands just to trap and also for pot size control. If Henry flush draw then a smaller raise would make more sense on the turn, and on the river you never bluff, cause so many hand misses. More advanced poker players know bluffing is more efficient when more hands in your range get there. Here in Henry range everything is missed. Its a clear KJ or JJ or 8 set or 6 set, Thats it. Andy made a mistake. He did not analysed well the party this time.

    1. Easy said, but I’m sure you crush your 1/2 NL so I’m guessing you know better than Andy. Perhaps you should coach him

    2. Lol. I mean it easy for one hand and you can see the card. Imagine playing for 6 hrs trying to get a read on your opponents and thinking about what he did during that session and what game is he playing, then yeah it an easy fold. NOT

    3. I guess my man here is smarter than the commentary. Even they say he is in a tough spot and couldn’t let go.

  5. Henry is the most conservative player ive seen other than nit nick,. never seen Henry make a bold bluff once. I’d respect him too much if he leads out like that. easy for me to say, not my money

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  7. Credit to Andy for almost folding – he has realised Henry plays small ball poker. Overbet turn – overbet river is almost never a bluff from this player type

  8. He’s blocking all value. Definitely a better check to induce on the river imo

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