Andrew Robl Risky All-In Shove!

Andrew Robl shoved all-in with a combo-draw versus Rob Yong on No Gamble, No Future!

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Andrew Robl Risky All-In Shove!

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  1. i don’t think i could ever fold there 😭 there’s just so many outs

    1. For $440K to call and only the river to come, you have to fold unless you like torching money 😮

    2. You can’t say that you don’t think that you could ever fold there because you never had to make a decision for 440K ! It’s an awfull lot of money with only the river to come!

    1. @@shemk that’s just because he folded. If he calls the poker gods hook him up.

    2. @gwat34  doesn’t work like that, lol. The outcome would be the same for this hand.

  2. If Robl isnt playing in the no gamble no future game, pokergo should think of changing the name.

    Dude embodies it 😂

  3. I don’t play poker but im really surprised he folded, open ended and flush draws both of which are the essential nuts…but i dont play poker

    1. It’s on the turn so he doesn’t have enough equity. Would never fold if he had the same draw on the flop.

  4. Worst case scenario, if the opponent has a set of queens, aka the nut, he could hit 9 diamonds, 3 aces, and 3 nines, which is about 30% equity. Against AQ, he has 2 more outs (3 kings – 1 ace) so about 35% equity. Now you have to weigh that with his bluffs. If you think he shows up with a bluff abt 15% of the time or more, and ones that you are ahead of (J9, any 2 clubs or spades that didn’t pair), then it would be profitable to call this. None of this is to say what he did was theoretically right or wrong but a call here can be strongly considered given how Robl plays.

    1. Agree on call consideration because it’s Robl. That said, the rest of your analysis isn’t great

    2. @@mattmace2606Why not correct him instead of just saying his “analysis isn’t great” 😂 that literally means nothing

    3. He could also have both A high flush draws that you’d be behind of. This is likely the only hand your ahead of so it’s a super tough call off. I wish it said how much Yong had to call off behind though after his bet.

    4. Usual poker chat while being able to see all the cards .

      This type of comment is someone who’s watched 2 many Brad Owen vlogs .

    1. @@christophermoyer6103 im blind idk what youre talking about im using my stick to read your comment.

  5. Try that at 1-2 or 2-5 with equivalent BBs & they beat Robl into the pot with KJ♦️s.

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