Andrew Robl Makes SOUL READ on Rob Yong in Million Dollar Cash Game! #poker

You would not be able to make this fold! Definitely outrageous stuff from on the No Gamble No Future Million Dollar Money Video Game.

Makes SOUL READ on Rob Yong in ! #

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  1. I watched Robl play a few times and he is very VERY impressive… definitely one of those guys one can argue has the “live reads”, he systematicaly pulls off very elaborate non-gto plays that make him a lot more money than the standard gto strategy

    1. He learned alot from the beatings he took from Tony G when he was a youngster

    2. @@ghsense2626ll the beatings? You watched two hands on YouTube highlights

    3. Making the correct read is impressive. Actually following through with your read and just laying down a huge hand in such high stakes is very very impressive.

    4. Robl is the most underrated pro. Coaches a lot of Other Players and has a lot of connections for homegames since decades

    1. I mean he has pocket K, so even if Yong has top two he’s still winning the hand, so Yong calling should automatically mean he has a flush/straight draw. I would’ve laid that down too.

    2. @@brianedgar9838 did I say it wasn’t impressive? Find a hobby other than old comment hunting

    3. ​@@toddjdavisjI really am proud of your hypothetical fold though. Nice lay down, that is 100% the right play in that spot.

    4. Yong floats flop on a 12k bet. Check, check turn. Yong overbet river. Flush draw and j10 get there. He blocks Kx hands. Not that hard of a fold

  2. J 10 coming in in the river along with the flush on the turn makes this fold less ridiculous than I thought at first. Awesome/tough fold regardless

    1. Not just that. Also the flop texture, the fact Robl hit top set and not middle or bottom set and doesnt block any draws

  3. Pretty unlikely Yong has A7. And he isnt betting full pot with AJ or AT. His range has a lot more straights and flushes

  4. Flush on turn for pot control and TJ got there on the river but AQ can also be considered on river, he block AK. Tough but discplined laydown. Although Yong can have lower sets too.

  5. wow! that’s a Pro move.. most of us would been stacked already and be looking at the roof thinking to ourselves reanalyzing that hand..

  6. Phil Ivey – your crown is being threatened by this man, sick laydown

    1. Not that I’m saying Ivey would ALWAYS make the right fold here, but he has undoubtedly made far more impressive folds than this many times. The fact that even straight draws (which were online with just the flop, not backdoor, which makes them more likely to stay in with the post-flop action) got there on the river made it lot easier.

      If the river were a pure blank I’d be more impressed.

  7. Makes sense really… what hands are calling that flop, checking turn and leading the river? It’s a flush draw or 10-J almost every time.

  8. I feel like Yong played that great too. That bet on the river looked resigned but Robl sniffed it out. Great play by bother players.

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