Andrew Robl Destroys High Stakes Cash Game and Profits $1,796,000! [COMPILATION]

played remarkably on No Gamble, No Future Cash of the Titans, and here's a compilation of his finest hands of the 3 days of play! Robl bet Eric Persson, Patrik Antonius, Rob Yong, Markus Gonsalves, and MJ Gonzales.

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Destroys High Stakes Cash Game and Profits $1,796,000! [COMPILATION]

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    1. For an amateur sure but when you have a read gotta go with it. Like Daniel Negraenu calls the hand and still calls cause the knows the player won’t raise or bet that much against him.

    2. Oop mw calls with JT and fd, these are all completed. The only question was how fast he would fold the river

    3. I don’t know why you think so. Robl clarly thought the flush got there & had a sense of Yong’s style of play

  1. So glad to see Robl win BIG! Ever since he lost with quad 9s over quad Queens some years back, I’ve been rooting for him! Well done Robl!! 🏆

  2. Love that I cannot see the actual profit of Robl because of the stupid recommendation square …

    1. Agreed, kind of crazy that months down the line, Poker Go still has barely began to understand how to Youtube properly. Is there anybody working there who is actually skilled at something else but Poker? I am guessing no.

    2. Nobody showed you how to squint? Google what it means and then practice what it tells

    3. ​@@billymabum3514 1,796,000, he won another 100k from each of the losers,they didn’t show that part in the results cause it was a side thing

    4. @@nostslgiaisreal9286 that’s amazing but I have always hated Robl…it’s either the lisp or the awkward, cringe way he looks when he’s in a big hand…or the super loud uncontrollable laugh when something is a 0.5/10 funny.

  3. Andrew Robl is the definition of a cash game legend and success story in poker.

    Exemplified by his close friends inside and outside of poker like Koon, Galfond. Absolute legend.

  4. Robl is underrated. People complain he plays slow or tight but he is a poker beast.

    1. I think only tony G complains about how slow robl plays from what i’ve seen

    2. People will always complain when you crush them in nosebleeds like this lol

  5. never forget the Andrew Robl vs Toby Lewis hand.
    Where Robl had 99 and Lewis QQ and the board was Q Q 9 5 9 and obv. they got it all in by the river.

  6. You can tell in his face he was just hyper focused / on his insane pace this game

  7. That KK lay down was unbelievable, thought a raise was coming, what an amazing fold

    1. He knows what’s going on with his experience. I saw him losing with quads over quads. Those experiences are helping him to distinguish when to fold for sure.

    2. The straight and flush draws get there, what is he gonna be betting that a set of kings beat? Maybe he is turning a pair into a bluff, that’s about it. Set of kings is a bluff catcher, solid fold not amazing

    3. I used to play very high back on the day. Now only some Sunday tournaments and a 5/10 home game maybe once or twice a month

  8. from Tony G’s whipping boy to a sovereign nuclear power; Robl has matured into a legitimate threat

  9. What’s amazing is that gonsalves was being down a lot and now takes the 2nd spot.

    1. Yeah Robl reacted perfectly respectable too given the situation. That was just brutal

  10. 17:05

    That’s the most mad I’ve seen Patrick.

    Well.. 21:40, I guess, too. Robl just makes Patrick so mad.

  11. It’s amazing how much he’s improved his game. Looks like the time off he spent really proved beneficial.

    1. He’s been crushing live, online, and private games for like 15 years dude…

    2. @@alexpalumbo5422 he took couple years off live games few years back didn’t he?

    1. Disagree… he value bet very well with JTs with a flush board and raise 150k more with QQ when KJ K3 and a very rare KQ beat you.He correctly fold KK set …SMART and bold

    2. @@andersongomez636 yes but the hand qq vs 33 was basically the key hand that won him 600k

  12. I have the HUGEST respect for Robl, I remember watching the old busttorobusto videos on DVD. Big inspiration. And man, what a finish! This game was NUTS!

  13. Per the updated numbers at the end, it was amazing that Patrik was even up money, after losing those 2 huge pots to Robl.

  14. Crazy that Patrik was still up over 100k profit after so many bad beats

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