Andrew Lichtenberger Displays Poker Master Class at $25,000 No Limit Hold’em Final Table

gets the bull by the horns and ruins this 2022 Poker Masters live streaming final table as he takes on Sean Winter Season, , Opportunity Kornuth, , and .

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Displays Poker Master Class at $25,000 No Limit Hold'em Final Table

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  1. Anyone understand the 94 snap call at the end? I guess Chewy is near top of his range since he would shove any Ax pocket pairs (sets) pre, and he doesn’t have any lone Jx really. He does have some straight and 2 pair combos though. Also is Winter’s jam for value given how capped Chewy is? Heads up is crazy lol

    1. if u play alot of poker, then u know how you play and therefore how others play, so u know when people will just keep betting or bluffing when they have nothing, so then the pair of 9s become much better than u think. because u know the likely hood of ur opponents just having nothing

    2. Ace is not on his range considering the stack sizes unless he limped AA, AKs, as for the shove of 88 on the river he is value betting against any 5s there, the only possible with combo 9 are 29,59,39, 49 considering there is a gutshot draw on the flop

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