America’s Top Statistician Nate Silver Runs Epic Bluff in $10,000 Poker Tournament

of FiveThirtyEight popularity battles the most difficult players on the planet at the 2022 and in this hand, he attempts to run a crazy with among the worst hands in versus Adam Hendrix!

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America's Top Statistician Runs Epic Bluff in $10,000 Poker Tournament

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  1. I love how the first 4 comments are all hate on him when he’s at the top level of play..

    1. He’s at the top level of play? He’s just a whale with a lot of money. Anyone with the buyin can play. And his play in this hand is an excellent demonstration of what a fraud he is in the world of statistics.

  2. Not sure where all this hate is coming from… He found a spot and made a sick bluff, well done indeed

  3. fantastic spot to bluff since he knows that check raise on the flop puts him on a set/2 pair that turns Full House or even AJ with the Ace of Spades

    great bluff and Nate Silver deserves credit for knowing how to work his opponent this time

  4. What’s up with that Full Tilt jersey? I almost thought this is a video back in the old days 🤣🤣🤣

  5. He’s looking at the cards, prolly should have been checking out the villain, he was bricking it. 😂

  6. i love to hear experts speaking of someone’s range when he is sitting on BB and just checked back a call from D/SB…
    any understanding of poker?

    1. @Padraigh Cody-Lally
      But you cannot fold, you can obviously raise, but checking could be tricky also … But about range. In heads up, there is everything he could have. It was actually really bad play from guy with second nut flush on the flop. That’s it

    2. @Misantrophy Master no he can’t have anything, he has a raising range of mostly very strong hands and some weak hands and he has checking raise of mostly weak hands medium strength hand and some strong hands. Every maneuver in poker narrows down your range. Tough call by the SB vs a player who underbluffs

    3. So you are telling me that 32o is not just a random hand in this spot, it could be also raise preflop which means his hand is weaker? Lol. Like you didn’t play FT HU at all .

    4. @Misantrophy Master yes correct. Bb bluff raising range preflop are hands that don’t mind getting 3 bet off their equity like 84o or 32o and hands that want to play for stacks. So when he checks preflop he doesn’t have many suited broadways or AA-55. Thus his checking range is mostly weak hands that didn’t bluff, and hands like K2s or J8s that don’t want to raise/fold and be blown off their equity. He will have 82o,82s,J8o,J8s,J2s,J2o so he actually has a lot of full houses in range and very little nut flushes bc he checked back the button preflop. Hope that makes sense 👍🏼

  7. I was just in a similar situation in my 2-5 game I had pocket queens with queen of diamonds then 4 diamonds hit on the river which was also a paired board on the turn and guy shoved for a huge bet

    I was leaving fold pretty hard the king and ace of diamonds were not on board. Went into the tank and just decided I’d be sick if I was getting bluffed and called…he only had a missed straight but put my particular hand in a very tough spot

  8. It’s only an excellent play because the 2 most incredible and lucky cards came on the turn and river. The Jack comes and now suddenly, he can have J2/J8/22…then the spade comes lol…comically lucky run out that Silver capitalized on.

  9. How can you fold there?
    His line doesn’t make sense.
    Check raises flop then when the board pairs on the turn keep betting again?
    another spade comes he bets again?
    I’m sure he could have a full house but would a set check raise flop?
    Hand is way too strong to fold.

  10. this is so foolish, the only hands possible AS PLAYED are pocket 2s, or 8s or a bluff or bluff catcher. And even then he most likely woulda raised with those holdings. Kings aren’t a possibility at all cuz he woulda put it all in the middle pre. the king came on the river so theres exclusively left with the ace of spades, or he could have quad jacks, the percentage of that is so low you HAVE the take it. This was the definition of a punt.

  11. Yeah, I am calling… Maybe I am a donk but bb don’t have enough Kx and Ax of spades there. People are going to talk about J2o and J8o but I know how I would play and the guy in the river is trying to represent a full house but I thing Q high flush is too strong in this situation.

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