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  1. Pretty interesting to me** that Moneymaker wanted to run it twice and Worre with the worst hand said he only wanted to run it once and he got there.
    ** I’ve edited from “wild” to “interesting to me” since YouTube poker pros know the exact percentages that Moneymaker would choose to run it twice, Worre would choose to run it once and the 9s would win (which we all know that last one) to determine the percentage of these three events happenings and that an abstract word such as wild is incorrect to use in this case.

    1. Because the pot is 65K. High stakes variance is limited that way. Had he run in twice, Moneymaker is still a huge favorite.

    2. ​​@@checkraiser1000 anyone ever offers me 2 boards pair vs pair I accept with lower pair 100% of time.

    3. Learn how variance works… Then come back and tell us how crazy it actually is.

    4. @@ElroyFisher For playing and studying poker for 25 years, I understand variance. Just mentioning that I found it interesting. No need to be insulting, thanks.

    1. Class response. No dealer abuse, no berating the opponent, no tantrum. Knows he made the right move and just ended up on the wrong end of a cold deck.

    2. It’s a lot easier to say that once you’ve won the WSOP main event. He’s already used all his 1 times! 😁

    3. ​@@paddyholiday2433Hellmuth have more money than Moneymaker and we all know how he would react if this happens to him.

      Just because it’s easier for millionaire it doesn’t make it less commendable.

    1. @@Lymbe06 Huge health risk at his age. It doesn’t matter to me how attractive he is. Lol

  2. Moneymaker is like one of the worst players in history. Him and Jamie Gold are like twins.

    1. Moneymaker is significantly better than Gold. But he is still very much behind in the modern game.

    2. Satellites into the main event and wins… yeah theres never been a worse player…

  3. Thr sunglasses gave the 9s courage and luck, not brains though.

  4. Nothing more frustrating than someone apologising for sucking out. It’s poker and it happens. The apology adds an unnecessary sting

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