All In vs Brad Owen On the Featured Table! | Poker Vlog #498

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All In vs On the Featured Table! | #498

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  1. Let’s goooo!!! Glad 2 see all the progress u and brad has made in your careers. I remember watching both of you guys play 1-3 and now look at you!!! Great motivation for us still learning. Keep it up

  2. Let’s go rampage! The hustler stream where you ran like the sun was my favorite livestream so far, was so happy to see you finally uploaded it a couple days ago! Keep gambling!

  3. another badass vlog! best parts of the week 3 days a week! keep the bangers coming

    1. Why don’t you play and decide instead of passing comments from your keyboard

    2. I agree. It’s too big to call with AJ. Against a short stack we could argue it’s a bluff. But with this size it would be strong most of the time.

  4. Little less gambling and aggressive and totally could have made it to final table

  5. AJ was a bigger punt than 87 IMO, not to mention you’re probably not so short when you pick up 87 and could have easily folded, if you had never called with AJ in the first place.

  6. When your short or when someone else is short, there are times you want to play heads up with any two cards… Thanks Ethan

  7. Bruce buffer announcing his double up’s was the best part of this tournament

  8. Open jam 13 bb, a good amount of the time you’ll be ahead with worse aces or flipping with two overs. Can’t always just wait for AA, especially in a turbo. Don’t think it’s as bad of a call as all the chat pros say. Uncomfortable tho with how much of your stack risked. How long where blinds 20- 30 minutes?

    1. I don’t think anyone expects him to wait for aces, but at least wait for a better spot. The all in was over half his stack. That close to the money why take a unnecessary risk? AJ is not a monster hand. People tend to lose their minds when they see an ace and a face card.

  9. I’m enjoying your vlogs, total opposite of my run outs, living thru your video, see u on a final hopefully

  10. He needs 5 or so more years to get better at this game.. he still young..

  11. The punt wasn’t the 8-high. The punt was calling off 70% of your stack with AJ off

  12. This was my first time watching one of your videos and I have to say that you seem like one of the most sincere and humble people I’ve ever seen in a poker vlog. Thanks for the content, it’s much appreciated 👍✌️

  13. Man I’d love to see you and Brad go on a poker tour and compete regularly, and have a side by side vlog clipping between both your thoughts happening at the same time! That’d be a spectacle

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