All-In Showdown! | 2024 PokerGO Cup

Dylan Weisman cancelled with the very best of it at 2024 PokerGO Cup!

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All-In Showdown! | 2024 PokerGO Cup

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  1. Going all in with the better hand only to lose anyway 😅. Ain’t that a classic

    1. The guy with tens just called. He didn’t go, all-in. ♠️♥️♦️♣️

  2. After the turn I’m like must be a 6 on the river or else why is this a short

    1. Lol you know I thought that about these shorts but usually the best hand wins and it’s like whatever

  3. I LOST $200 with that same outcome first time gambling, I was the guy with the 10 and the 6 hit on the river

  4. Proof that poker is a dam game of luck time and time and time and time and time again !! Lol

  5. Always makes me laugh when commentary is like “can he find a 6 on the river?” and “he finds a way!!” When he hits it at the end. Gives the impression he has something to do with it and it’s calculated and not just complete luck 😭😭

    1. Exactly. Just likenwhen people say, “hiw can you have AA here?!” It’s all just luck, especially going all in pre. Now if you’re playing at least the flop, there’s a teeeeeeny bit of “skill” by c-betting a proper bet size after opening pre, and reppijg an A/K on the flop.

  6. I can tell just by looking at these guys faces they are tournament players only.

  7. Poker is not for everyone.. Bad beats don’t bother me anymore after receiving so many.

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