All In PUNTING My Stack Off with Ace High! | BRC Poker Vlog #11

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All In PUNTING My Stack Off with Ace High! | BRC Poker #11

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  1. RAMPAGE make a video with all the hands you play in a 10-20 session. We need a long video

    1. These videos aren’t long enough 😂 i treat these videos like a Netflix series

    1. I haven’t heard that one before😂😂😂😂😂
      I miss the days of political assassinations in our country

  2. That first hand you played was almost identical to one i played earlier today that ultimately led to me exiting a torny from being 100th and the bubble being 400th and we had 500 players left (so 100 away from the bubble). I was so short stacked after, it was 2-3 all ins after another losing hand and i was out after that huge lead. I ran top two pair into MIDDLE set (so 2 of one of the cards i had paired with) AND the nut flush draw, and lost to both by the river on a flop all in due to stack sizes of the two to act after me lol. sucked hard, at least you didn’t lose as much I don’t think (in comparison not directly, as it was a small buy in torny).

  3. Hey Ethan, the low stakes thing is great fun, and I’m sure it’s a treat for your fans to get to play with you. That and the games are so much more relatable than, you know, $800/1600 with straddles.

    Great content and good for everyone .

  4. Q88 turn K couldve had JT just a guess (players at these stakes usually like leading draws OOP, seems he considered it) could be wrong…

  5. simply take a second to appreciate how much time and dedication was put in the clips!? 🙂

  6. This series is making me want to do my own slightly different challenge. Not sure its possible, and not sure I have the patience….LOL. Might need to find some side bets to motivate me!!!!

  7. Nice work👍 It’s impressive that Rampage can play his A game at these stakes. Been playing semi-professionally for about 25 years and have met and combatted with countless good players but I can count on one hand how many can move DOWN in stakes and still play well.

  8. Nice job getting that bluff through. Seems like in poker, you cant forget to rep your poker image and not just your hands.

  9. Don’t feel like many hands you beat can call the 4 bet flop jam. AK really the only one and they can get away on that board

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