All In For Piles!! The PERFECT HAND At Perfect Time!!! Winning HUGE @ Bellagio! Poker Vlog Ep 208

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All In For Piles!! The PERFECT HAND At Perfect Time!!! Winning HUGE @ Bellagio! Ep 208

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  1. It’s crazy I went from watching you playing 5/10 and now I seen you on a ad on my TV yesterday it’s super inspirational!

    1. @Brad Owen I’m grinding 1/3 and $5 button home games. Watching your vids and copying some of your play styles has been paying off!! I’m going to keep grinding and learning. One day I’ll be the best poker player in world!! I’ll see you at the top!!

    1. Ayeee my two favorite people so cool. Pompsie lets get some poker vlogs going 😛

  2. Seeing your growth over the years has been an honor Brad. I feel like this journey you’re on has involved me in some sort. Congratulations on becoming the WPT ambassador

  3. man I rarely play poker, but watching your videos is just too damn interesting!
    Really happy for your new partnership!!

  4. JJ would have 6 outs, wouldn’t he? all the 8s plus the remaining 2 jacks?

    As usual, this vlog reinforces why there’s 600,000 of us who love this channel!

    1. Was checking to see if somebody else caught this and to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

  5. Loved watching the livestream with you on the lodge. Now I get even more Brad content! Been a sub for years, keep up the great work. You’re my favorite player!

  6. Awesome session as usual Brad! Making mondays great again 👍 hope I can be as good as you someday and do what you do man congrats on everything brotha! Thank you

  7. Continue to love the videos Brad and love watching all of your success and growth. You’ve done an amazing job building a multi faceted career! You deserve all the good things that are coming to you! Really love your good nature and your sense of humor.

  8. Hi Brad, want to share my first poker experience here. (It might be a bit long) Been watching you for some time and was very excited when I had the chance to go play poker at a casino for the first time. Bought in for $200 (Canadian) for a 1/3 $300 limit hold’em. After half an hour of uneventfully losing my limps and big blinds I was down to around $120 without seeing many flops. I picked up A7 spades, calling a $15 raise the flop comes K88 with one spade, player to my left raises to 70, all others fold. Tired of folding for the whole session I call with only 40 or so left in my stack. Turn is another spade, the player puts me all in and I call. Due to my beginner’s luck the river is another spade, I hit the nut flush, he had flopped kings. Up to $240 now the very next hand I pick up 96 off, in a 5 way $6 bet pot, flop comes 866, I flopped trips. At this point my hands already begin to shake a little due to my low run good tolerance, I bet $30, all except one fold. Next card is a blank, doesn’t change the board. I bet big for value, $70, he calls again. At this point I was too excited to think about the opponent’s hand but at this point it becomes somewhat obvious he has a pocket over-pair. River comes for another six, giving me quads! I obviously shove for the rest of my stack and surprisingly (to me) he calls. He shows pocket aces for a full house, but I come crashing in with the quads. Doubling again I’m at around $480, and way too shaky to even stack up my chips. Nice guy to my right offered to help me stack them up, and overall was a great help in that session as he obviously is quite an experienced player and was nice enough to help me settle into my first real money game. At this point I’ve decided that I had enough for my first night and was 90% ready to rack up. Next hand was 74 off which I folded, still busy stacking my messy chip pile. But before I could decide to leave I get dealt pocket kings somewhere close behind the blinds, I raise to 15 to the limpers, player next to me raises to 30 and all others fold. I consider my hand and make the fateful decision to 4-bet to 100 to get a fold out of most hands. He in turn shoves all in and has me covered…getting quite dizzy at that point, but I can’t let go of the kings so I call and get the bad news…he’s got aces. The board is as blank as my face when he shoved all in 15 seconds prior and neither one hits anything. Got left with nothing and had no choice but to walk away a loser that night. But I’m determined to get better and come back there one day (but maybe some online poker first) to win big. Cheers for your content Brad or whoever else reads my epic tale ✌️

    1. Wow – unlucky with the AA vs KK right at the end there. That’s the way it goes sometimes. 🤷‍♂️

    2. I was up $500 hit the nut straight A-10 on the flop I jammed dude called with two pair and turn boated him up.. lost it all too lol

    3. @Blurry coulda walked with a 550 profit, but lost a $700 pot bluffing last hand, left with 200 profit instead lol

  9. As someone who works in tax and has a low skill level in poker. You’re an inspiration to those of us stuck in the cubicles dreaming of brining 3 stack of high Society to Vegas and leaving the office grind behind.

  10. Glad things are working out for you Brad, you are truly an ambassador of the sport!

  11. Brad I appreciate that you include all kinds of hands, even the “less interesting” ones like your A-10. Those ones help me so much in becoming a better player.

    1. Well then let me break away from what I consider a costly mistake I see Mr. Owen make too often: when you flop a flush but only have 6 high or anything under King – don’t chase. Too many times you get lured in and then suddenly you have to call a huge bet on your hunch that they don’t have it and they do.

    2. Actually we should be folding or 3betting A10o from the blinds, calling is the worst of the three options, esp when late position raises

  12. Hey man, Ive recently come back to playing poker after about 2 years, during those two years away ive been watching your vlogs quite regularly and i just wanted to say that just by watching and learning off you since ive been back playing poker ive noticed ive become much better, winning more often and it feels amazing. Just wanted to say Thanks man, keep up the vlogs, keep on crushing.

  13. So amazing to see how far you’ve come, from me watching 5 years ago to now is just incredible! As well as learning from you on the way to become poker player myself!

  14. Hey Brad just want to say that I appreciate that this episode had a little bit information in it in terms of teaching. I think many of us like to watch these videos to learn, and seeing you explain some more fundamental concepts of when to 3-bet, or even identifying fish or whatever, makes the videos all that much better to watch.

  15. I’m super happy you are enjoying playing Brad! That makes two of us, I’m playing with a few of your meet up friends at the Aria 6 days week. Having a blast! They all have a front row seat of what I do almost every night during my retirement years! It is an awesome fraternity at the Aria along with an amazing staff!! Lets go!!

  16. WPT should be honored to have you Brad. You’ve put in the work and made our days so much brighter and stacks much higher. I love, love, LOVE your dry humor commentary

  17. Brad I think I’ve been watching since episode 12 or something like that. You’re continued success at the tables and on here is so deserved and I’m happy every time you post. Keep killing it man.

  18. Love to hear you climbing out of that hole. Mentally I’m sure it hasn’t been easy but I think after that last live stream you are fully out. Nice job!

  19. Absolutely loved this one Brad! I’ve just turned 18 in the UK and only played in some small home games so far but loving learning from your channel. Hopefully one day in the future I venture out to a meet up game and get my hands on some Bradley dollars 💵

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