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  1. Loving the daily vlogs even if it is because YouTube is paying extra this month keep em coming bro

    1. Ok that’s why all my subscribed YouTubers are making so many videos haha.

  2. Going to try and comment on every video this month cause you put in the work! Shout out to Carl behind the scenes as well!

  3. Can’t wait to see how far you go! Luck box hoodie is on the way. Wishing you the best! Rampage all the way 💰🎉

  4. Awesome video rampage
    In terms of doing this challenge do you just rebuy once or twice?

  5. @rampage – you must get this question a lot, but I’ve never seen it… is it weird playing low stakes after you are winning big tourneys and 200k cash game pots? Thanks for the content! Keep on jammin!

    1. It has to be insanely hard and boring. I’m mainly a 5/10 player at Bellagio. Dropping down to 2/5 is hard enough, but I was at GVR and only had a 1/2 game going and that was next to impossible.. I can only imagine going from the stakes he plays to this. Has to be hard.

  6. Definitely love this series, it’s more relatable for average regular local poker player.

  7. Also, I consider you a professional, and I have been wondering lately how would someone like you maneuver at local 1/2 and 1/3 games…. and the strategies you guys say use on your vlogs, n see how they work for you guys. EXTREMELY thankful your doing this series 💯

  8. Great job. I am going to start playing poker again full time. hope to see you at the tables. ☮️ Peace

  9. really diggin the everyday uploads! 👌 😎 daily dose of some rampage poker sets the week off perfectly! your a legend my dude!

  10. As a purebred recreational donkey, I can relate to this new series of videos.

  11. That was me in the first hand who open mucked lol, I think I had 45o and then realized you flopped a monster and just watched the guy in between us just donk off, fun playing with ya!

  12. Love this series because $1/$2 spread limit is the highest stakes legal to play in minnesota.😂

  13. Really enjoy seeing a big money player discussing 1-2 and 1-3 tables. Keep it up

    1. My point exactly….. helps to see if what they say works on the 1/2,1/3 levels

  14. Liking how this series is capturing some throwback spots. Good times!!!!!

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