All-In and At Risk! | U.S. Poker Open

Aram Zobian all-in versus Shannon Shorr at the 2024 U.S. Poker Open!

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All-In and At Risk! | U.S. Poker Open

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    1. @@d4ve19Button vs BB for 18BB and you’re not getting it in with pockets 10s? Let’s say you were in this spot and 3 bet to 6BB leaving 12BB and your opponent goes all in. You need to call 12BB to win a pot that’s already 19BB. So you need about 35% equity to call. Even if villain only has AK AA KK QQ JJ you have to call. Not to mention when villain has AQ, AJs, 99 88 maybe a bluff once in a blue moon. Would be the worst fold I’ve possibly ever seen in a spot like that

  1. Poker is such a dumb game where you can jam all your chips and this stuff happens

  2. When i saw both hands i knew 10’s would win…otherwise this wouldn’t be a short lol

  3. I don’t care what the percentage says, bad plays always gets rewarded

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