ALL BUSINESS in the $25,000 HIGH ROLLER! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 WSOP VLOG Day 13

This one is everything about the and I'm active concentrated on playing my "A" video game in the $25,000 High-stakes gambler 8-Handed occasion.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Dog Stroll
1:15 Beat Saber bet
2:38 Such is Life
3:13 Drive In
4:00 25k Structure
5:00 Technique for the day
6:12 All In Early
6:34 1st Break
8:02 # 1.
10:37 2nd Break.
11:26 Brrrr.
11:54 Last Break.
12:30 # 2.
13:24 Hand Breakdown # 3.
15:27 Amanda Update.
16:17 Bag it up.
16:45 Chip Count.
17:00 Evaluation.

I'm back with another interesting year of your favorite WSOP vlogs, streaming daily from Las Vegas throughout the whole 2024 WSOP. Tune in every morning around 9:15 am PT for hand breakdowns, analysis, all-ins, encounters with legends like Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth, impressive bad beats, deep runs, and ideally, another bracelet!

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ALL BUSINESS in the $25,000 HIGH ROLLER! – 2024 Day 13

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  1. Huge fan of the chip counter line graph. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ 12:43

  2. Daniel playing 8 hours of Poker with the paper in his hat shows hes LOCKED IN!

    1. @@dnegspoker i havent watched the whole vlog but i came here to see if anyone else noticed. you answered my question. the whole time lol. Hey hat stays nice right?

  3. It is amazing how different Euro tables can be sometimes, but great start so far!!!

  4. “C’est Γ§a!” you are so mastering French! Just add a few “Houlala” and you’re good to go! Cheers from Normandy!

  5. I really like the chip count graph. I also like hearing the average chip count to get a feel for chip size strength.

  6. Thanks for the Pic. You’re a class act. My first wsop. Awesome time. I’ll be back. GL in 25k today

  7. Dude!, Amanda was right in so many ways!, Your hand break down where you didnt show us the cards was BY FAR my favorite breakdown! We have all been wondering what you have changed this year as you came out of the gate in 2024 on a massive roll! If this is part of that new strategy, Im all for you keeping it under wraps util you need to go through the next evolution in poker!

    Please do more secret Hand Breakdowns! They are fun, interesting and get us all engaged on a higher level. This is a reminder to always listen to your wife, who is not only the biggest knockout but the smartest as well πŸ˜‰

    1. One way she wasn’t right, though, is max plays per day. It should be whoever wants it more – no restrictions.

    2. @@iIliterati Shes a busy gal and doesnt have ten hours to play every day lol

    3. @@jaybyrdcybertruck1082 Don’t make the bet if you can’t handle the beat heat.

  8. Hey Daniel been loving the series, please keep the level by level chip graph in future episodes, really nice to see an overview of each tournament!

  9. Looks like daniel is playing much better without vloging on the table. Love it much more when you do the breakdowns on your break!
    Keep it up!

  10. Excited to see how this high roller goes. It’s really neat to see your thought process on different hands

  11. Never watched a vlog ever before . now im addicted Best of luck Today !πŸ™

  12. Loved the vlog as always. I like the mystery hand breakdowns its a great way for me to see how id play that hand with different hands i could have.

  13. Yay, Amanda is in the video 😊, best vlog by far with all the top cool stuff (poker chat, pups, and Kristen Foxen). ❀

  14. I was on the rail for the $25k! Appreciate the fist bump on the way out of the building Daniel! Go get em!

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