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  1. Man I’m the biggest sore loser when my aces get busted 😂 can’t help it just instantly in a bad mood

    1. I get so mad when I raise big enough for some people to fold and everyone calls when I got aces. I just know they’re most likely going to get cracked then 😡 😂

    2. @magichobbiest3425  yes! Or you raise huge preflop then again on the flop dude hangs around and hits 3 3 to make trips cuz he called you with 3,8 off suit 🤣

    3. @@S-tank_ No lie. It’s happened to me with 8/5 off suit. It was online,but still. Every time I raise high and think people will fold everyone calls and it’s funny because if they paid attention I’m a nit and I fold nonstop until I have what I feel is a good hand. But nope they still call with 3,8 off suit 😂.

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