Aces vs. Kings Main Event Cooler! 😱

Cooler Alert! Aces Met Kings on Day 1D of the 2024 Main Event!

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Aces vs. Kings Main Event Cooler! 😱

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  1. Sono continuamente ispirato dalla passione e dalla determinazione delle donne qui.😚

  2. Poker is such a disgusting game. I went all in with aces and got donkey called by 78. Idiot turned a straight draw and rivered the straight

    1. @@doubleg122memes4 its beacuse it was the first time that it happened in history

  3. If you haven’t learned by now that aces are the worst hand in poker… but seriously they always get cracked

    1. @@Tyronius313 it’s actually about 20 percent but seems like a lot more. Buddy

  4. The only REAL way to play Aces is………….Say “All in with the nuts, who’s feeling lucky?” Let it be known you have aces preflop and are ready to tango.

  5. Who said take care , just shut up and say nothing because anything sounds condescending

  6. The way aces called he deserved to lose. Just flip your hand you have the best hand Preflop smh

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