Aces vs Ace-King in WSOP Main Event!

Is this an area where you're supposed to fold ace-king in the Centerpiece as a leading pro? Possibility Kortuth and Nicholas Righby clash in an absolutely crazy beast hand!

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Aces vs Ace-King in !

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  1. I don’t think you’re supposed to blast off for 120 bigs w AK like that

    1. Completely fine against Rigby. He’s a crazy action player and was playing every hand. AK suited is very strong against his range

    2. @@tylerrinehart4440true, and that’s why aggressive players are dangerous

    3. @@albertwang6465 yeah, when they pick up premium hands they’re likely gonna win a lot of money/chips because it’s hard to give them credit for a big hand

  2. Any player who knows what they’re doing is likely going broke here. You can’t fold a hand as strong as AK suited against a guy playing every hand aggressively

    1. I disagree. It’s pretty obvious someone has pocket rockets if they’re jamming Pre flop in this spot

    2. @@Jay-ne7kbrigby was doing this with like 2 3 off all the time in that event

    3. The problem is in these scenarios is most of the time you’re a coin flip at best. I get the guy has been loose if you’re both the big stacks there has to be more control preflop when you’re over 100BB deep. It’s more a matter of you don’t need to gamble.

    4. ​@@alexsevern1260No he wasnt. The important part is this is PREFLOP. Rigby was getting wild postflop. It’s an important distinction

  3. Rigby still punted like the best of them 😂😂 dude was cruising with a lead and got wild

  4. 2nd biggest PUNT of the main event I’ve ever seen next to Cheong’s A7 in 2010

  5. Literally, he won this and then went on full winner tilt and blew it. that was a DEEP run stack.

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