Aces Cracked! Craziest Final Hand?! 😱

Brutal! Aces Split by Ace-King on Day 1D of the 2024 WSOP Main Event!

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Aces Cracked! Craziest Final Hand?! 😱

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  1. Sono continuamente stupito dalla profondità delle conoscenze e delle competenze dimostrate dai membri di questa comunità. È impressionante.😚

  2. This happened to me before at Talking Stick in Scottsdale. First hand AA went all on with the $200 I bought in for. Hey its poker 😂

    1. @@isaacyoon3926looked at your video. YOU of all people should not be talking about corny 😂

    2. ​@@Allin7duces looked at your pfp. YOU of all people shouldn’t be talking about corny 😂

    3. ​@@mathprodigylook at your username. You of all people should not be talking about corny 😂

    1. Kind of. Still so far away. Even with 4 cards after the flop, chances of hitting the Royal are only around 5%

    2. @@hoodietiger21784 cards after the flop? What does this even mean? Are you referring to running it multiple times beyond the flop or something?

    3. ​@@counterfeit4450seriously? You’re just trolling. After the flop, the guy had 4 of the 5 cards needed to make a royal flush.

  3. How this happened to me once with AA but this board is more crazy, lowest card is a J!

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