Aaron Zhang Bluffs vs Queens and Kings with 7-High

placed on an absolute show during the 2022 Main Event, becoming an immediate fan preferred with his highly entertaining aggressive playing style! Check out how on this hand he's bluffing versus both queens and kings!

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Bluffs vs Queens and Kings with 7-High

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  1. Aaron Zhang was the most entertaining player in a long time. Everyone was being a complete nit and he crushed a lot of people being crazy. Shame he didn’t win it

    1. I agree but it might as well be 7 high it plays just the same against queens and kings lol

  2. Lol these plays would nvr work down here in Texas he’d get snap called 😂

  3. Its so easy to play like this when u get hit with the deck. He just got great hand after great hand

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  5. He doesn’t have 7 high, he has a pair + OESD on A high board vs KK and QQ. Basically he has the lucky nuts here.

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