AA vs KK Twice in One Night?!?

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Animation: Alejandro Indriago.
Casino GM: Shaun Yaple.
System Engineer: Brett Drolet.
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl.
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$ 3.1 MILLION!! Wins Most Significant Pot in Televised History.
Top 10 Hands of The Million Dollar Video Game Day 1.
$ 2.25 MILLION POT!! Wesley Gets Redemption in 2nd-Biggest TV Hand Ever.
Maniac Bluffs $1 MILLION & Doug Polk Has POCKET ACES.
$ 1.1 MILLION POT !! Doug Polk Calls Clock on .
Biggest in Poker TV History?!? Rampage SHOVES ALL IN in Million Dollar Video Game.
Sickest Cooler Ever!! Straight Flush vs Ace High Flush for $610,000!!
AA vs KK vs KK! Sickest Hand in High Stakes Poker History!
Leading 20 Hands of the Year for 2022!!
Leading 25 Most Significant Pots of 2022!!!
One Of The Most Ridiculous Hero Call In Poker History.
$ 1.2 MILLION POT !! Alan Keating Wins the Biggest Pot in U.S. Poker Broadcast History.
Top 10 Hands of 2021.
MrBeast Wins $439,000 vs Poker Pros & Streamers.
SET OVER SET !!! Garrett vs Wesley for $193,000.
High Stakes SLOWROLL!!! vs Dylan Gang for $186,000.
$ 390,000 POT!!! vs Dylan Gang.
Top 5 Tom Dwan Hands from Super High Stakes Poker.
TOP 10 BLUFFS OF 2021.

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AA vs KK Twice in One Night?!?

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    1. Poker was actually the inspiration for an entire branch of mathematics, called game theory, for which several Nobel Prizes have been awarded.

  1. why do poker players tried to guilt people for playing into Aces? If you play into the hands, its poker man!! nothing more.

  2. Pretty sick that both times we saw AA vs KK Patrick was holding Aces and even sicker is the fact that the bullets held throughout all 4 runouts!!

  3. So this guy Patrick is good at poker when he has AA vs KK and 4 bet rips it preflop. Playing streets is his weak point lol

    1. No, he’s good at poker when he folds JJ OTT as an 11 to 1 favorite.

  4. Doesn’t it make more sense to run it three times IF youre gonna do more than one? I feel like running it twice with way better odds doesn’t really make sense. Or is it just a sportsmanship thing?

    1. It doesn’t change EV.

      I always go once or three times, since I dislike chopped pots. Poker is not about chopping imo, someone needs to win or lose.

  5. You can flat sometimes Pat!
    Especially when you only 5bet AA. You don’t have the same image as others nit!

  6. Last night I flopped top boat with Queens full and then lost to runner runner quads.

    Poker is pain

  7. This is proof some players can see the hole cards 🤦🏼‍♂️

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