$9,000+ Pot in a Classic Cooler with ACES! | Poker Vlog #411

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$9,000+ Pot in a Classic Cooler with ACES! | #411

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  1. Just my luck, after all that bluffing im the one taken to value town with your A9 hand against my pocket 7s. Nice to meet you and start drinking more whiskey so it becomes an acquired taste!

  2. Yea, that A’s vs K’s hand, just blame it on the multiple drinks and party atmosphere of the meetup game! As soon as that Queen hit the turn, was thinking major punt in coming 🏈 I’m sure in a normal game you would’ve slowed down and thought it through about what holdings he had pre and post flop, with all the betting action. But, we have witnessed some crazy Ethan moves!

    1. That’s why you 6bet and it will let you know narrow your opponent’s hand even more. KK, QQ, JJ and rarely AA.

  3. 5 bet pot – Everyone: “Damn, my aces are beat, oh well.. easy fold.” Rampage: “Damn, my aces are beat, oh well… I am all in.”

    1. He called a k high board a relatively safe board for his aces in a 5 bet pot 😂

  4. Punt City again with AA. It hurts to see it, Ethan! You didn’t need to lose $3k there 🙈

  5. That Baccarat hand logic definitely works. I mainly use the A8, K9, K8 varieties. Never the 7 duece or six deuce tho 😂💯

  6. Awesome to see you’re having fun at the tables. Gotta keep it fun or you won’t want to keep at it!!

  7. Hi Ethan, awesome meet up. Nice pot for pocket QQ. Sometimes I hate pocket AA. I actually think I lost more on pocket AA and AK. Sorry you lost big on those AA. You had fun at least. Peace🌹

    1. IF u playing them incorrectly it might be even a true , but i would be blaming selective memory of poker players

  8. If you have Aces in a 5bet pot, and there is a K on the flop, and villain bets $100 into a pot of $800. One has to be worried about KK or QQ. When the turn is a Q, what are we beating? You’re basically hoping he has AK, while holding 2 aces.

  9. unfortunate you took a L in that aces hand but this episode was super fun to watch!

  10. Dude I want to go to one of your meet up games. They look like a lot of fun!!!

  11. I like your cash games more than tourneys & i think your a better cashgame player. Keep running it up!

  12. I love the technical analysis of AA vs KK: “I am drunk, I am not folding aces” RESPECT

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